Zipolite, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: The “Codigo Penal” law at “Articulo 195Bis” specify a max. of 250Grams to be considered personal consuming and not to be procecuted. And 5Grams of Hash. But many local laws are in conflict with this federal law. So many states and city’s are more “illegal” than others.

Law Enforcement: Our report is “I didn’t see any type of marked law enforcement while at the beach. Locals did hint that a man jogging up and down the beach with dreadlocks and a fanny pack cooperated with the police. I eventully took a bus to Acapulco which was stopped twice by police. The first time was by plain-clothed local police. The second time by military who had a K-9 sniff our stored luggage. A military officer searched my carry-on back-pack but not my stowed luggage, even after he found rolling papers in my bag.”

Where to buy marijuana in Zipolite, Oaxaca: “I found out who sold pot from other travellers. Someone who enjoys the ocean, whether it be via surfing or lifeguarding has always seemed to me, a person who has a propensity to know about marijuana. ”

“A dry stream ends behind the Regge Hut on the beach. You can ask at the Regge place or walk up the creek bed. Last Spring there were some people dealing out of a little shack back there.”

Zipolite, Oaxaca marijuana Prices: $20 for an ounce of non-compressed bud. The ounce was mostly bud with seeds, a little shake but overall well manicured.

Zipolite, Oxaca marijuana Brands: I was told from the seller that it was local Oaxacan. Although I had never tried Oaxacan, I would assert that the grass I had was a native sativa because of the density of the buds (not very dense) and the energetic buzz, without the traditional “couch-lock” effects of an indica.

More information: As always, it helps to speak the language, or even know a few buzz-words just to show respect to the native peoples. I found this especially true when comparing pot purchased from the same dealer for the same ammount but one purchaser used a few words of Spanish, while the other relied on the Oaxacan to know English. The purchaser who knew a few words of Spanish recieved nugs while the other who knew only English recieved only shake.

This beach town’s economy revolves around tourism. Zipolite is the only legal place in Mexico to tan in the nude, and accordingly attracts those “free-spirits”. The odor of burt marijuana wafting down the beach is very common.