Zanzibar, Tanzania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Zanzibar is an island of the coast of Tanzania in the indian ocean. You can get here by taking a 2 hour ferry from capitol Dar es Salaam. Island is relatively undeveloped other than resorts in some areas of coast. people are friendly and wiling to help

Law enforcement: along the coast i saw no official police and hotel security is mellow. back in stone town there were few walking police though few and far between.

Where to buy marijuana: on the beach anyone trying to sell key chains and wood carvings secretly wants to sell you some ganga or hashish. though they have nothing on them, they are more than willing to bike to the next village and deliver your order. Also no payment up front is needed, however once a deal is agreed to, its frowned upon to back out.

Marijuana prices: about 10 usd for 5 grams of south african (best stuff) can be seedy but does the trick in tropical paradise. roughly 20 usd for about 2 grams of sticky fresh hash, quite happy with the quality of the product.

Marijuana brands: i heard of simply ganga or south african, the south african typically a superior choice, and the hash, from two different guys seemed to be the same quality stuff.

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