Zagreb, Croatia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1.5

Legislation: Law is very strict about smoking marihuana in Zagreb,If u get busted u will probably have to pay around 750euros fine and after spending 3-6 hours in a police station they ll let u go.

THC related products are illegal in Croatia and they are equal to harder drugs by the law.

Law enforcement: Best way to avoid this is not smoking in the parks around the center because there are lot s of undercover cops eager to pinch some kid with a joint.

The police don’t usually bother tourists but there are many of them and many work as undercover. They mostly look like criminals so you won’t have much trouble with noticing them. If they catch you, then probably they will take you into custody for over night, and if this is your first crime then they will let you go with some $ penalty. If you are a tourist then you will have to leave the country.

Where to buy marijuana: You can always try to ask somebody on the main square,but the best thing is to post a note on some forum ,or here, somebody will answer.You can also try in many bars in Tkaličićeva street just aroud the corner from the main square.

If you know somebody then you won’t have much problem getting some. If you don’t know anyone in the town then you might try to find some younger people in the street that look normal, you will know what i mean, or ask some rasta looking like guys and ask them to help you. My suggestion would be to go to smaller parks in the town center and ask some normal looking younger guys for help, or try some night clubs that have electronic or hip-hop program and ask somebody there and find some younger stoned people or just follow the smell.

Marijuana prices: A few years back u could get a bag (50g) of homgrown for 50euros but now the situation has changed.You can only get some supergrass( i hate this) for 5 to 7 euros per gram or some rally nasty skunk for 15 euros a gram.Best option is to buy 5 grams of skunk and the price should be around 400kn = 60euros.There are some sorts of hashis but very bad quality.

The prices are different depending on what you will find.

Homegrown is 250kn (30 euro) for 50g bag, that bag usually contains about 35-40g and mostly you will get crappy ganja. If you know somebody than you can find few sorts of skunk and there is lot of hash mostly from Morocco and the prices are from 40-110 euros for 10g.

Brands: You can buy some great skunk from whit widow to new york diesel but the problem is that you don t have a choice .You will have to buy what your dealer has.

More information: Good luck !