Yorktown Heights, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Getting caught with anything less than 25 grams in NY state is a violation (was a misdemeanor not too long ago), which is of the same caliber as a minor parking violation. You’ll have to go to court and will have to pay a fine of about 100-150 dollars depending on the judge, but it’s not so bad. Just don’t get caught.

Law enforcement: Like all cities, there are obviously cops. If you’re not an idiot and don’t smoke or make any sketchy drug deals out in the open, you’ll be fine.

Where to buy marijuana: It’s extremely easy to obtain dank bud in Yorktown Heights. Far easier if you know people, but if not, don’t fret. You can still find that ganja by going to Railroad Park. It’s located right near the Shell station (Where the emplyees will sell you dutches, rolling papers, and other tobacco products) and the basketball courts. You can always count on finding a number of somewhat sketchy looking kids sitting at the benches in the park who will by all means know where to find that kind herb. Don’t be shy, most of them are nice enough to help you out, but don’t be a fool. If you are, you will get robbed.

Marijuana prices: Dending on who you purchase your satchel from, 20$ will get you anywhere from .8 to 1.5, the latter usually being some pretty decent dro.

10$ will get you anywhere from .5 to .8, also depending on who you cop from.

Eigths generally go for around 35-40$ and can sometimes be easier to find than say a dime or a dub (20$) sack.

Quarters range from 75-100$

Half O’s are usually around 135-160$

Prices of O’s are questionable.

Marijuana brands: You won’t find anything less than good dro in Yorktown Heights. There’s usually always good haze around and occasionally some more known commercial strains will come around such as Sour D, Trainwreck, and White Rhino.