Woonsocket, RI, Rhode Island

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.8

Legislation: In Rhode Island, possession of less than one kilogram of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of $200 – $500.

By Rhode Island laws : driving while in possession of marijuana is penalized by suspension of the offender’s driver’s license for six months for the first offense and for one year for subsequent offenses.

For sentences of probation with no imprisonment, the offender is required to undergo a drug abuse evaluation, attend a drug education course and perform 100 hours of community service, in Rhode Island.

Law Enforcement: When you smoke the police might have something to say about it, but as long as you’re not selling it and only have a little on you they will let you off with a warning.. If you get caught and it’s bagged up, IT’S OVER FOR YA…. you will be in the clinker and most likely face the judge in the morning….

Where to buy marijuana in Woonsocket, Rhode Island: Usually, you need to know one person.. you can talk to people in parks, or near the projects and other public housing complexes. You’ll know what parts too ask and who not to ask.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island marijuana prices:

Schwag – Dime 10$ – 3 grams

1/4 – 20$-25$ 1/2 – 40$ – 50$

Ounce 80$ -90$ QP 250$ Pound $700

Mid-Grades – 1/4 – 40$ 1/2 – 80$

Ounce 140$

Hydro – 1/8 35$-40$ 1/4 70$ – 75$ 1/2 130$ – 140$

Ounce 230$ – 240$

a more recent report we have is: ”

It all depends who you know…

Schwag (garbo,dirt) : 20-25 for a quater 40-50 for a half 80-90 for a ounce 200-250 for a quater pound 600-800 a pound

Mid-grades (aight,decent) : 35-45 for a quater 65-80 for a half 130-150 for a ounce 450 – 500 a quater pound

Hydro (BOMB) 35-45 for a eighth 70-90 for a quater 130-150 for a half 230-260 for a ounce

Headies (BOMB) 45-60 for a eighth 90-120 a quater 180-210 for a half

Haze (BOMB) same as Headies, 20-30 for a gram, maybe .8 for about 15

Exotic Strands (White widow,Northern Lights,Yellow Haired Hydro,Orange Crush, Kush) Expensive, gotta be a baller. 25-30 a gram all day

Woonsocket, Rhode Island Marijuana Brands:







Canadian Weed

More information: Woonsocket is a sneeky little city, there’s always marijuana around, everyone feels better when theres alot more high quality weed in the area, most of the population smokes marijuana.