Woodstock, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Typical New York State Laws Apply. Possession is largely decriminalized. Selling and Manufacturing is not.

Law enforcement: Mostly local police are around but as long as you are not violent, they will seldom mess with you. Police are like anyone else, some do not want to do their jobs unless they have to, others are gung-ho and will arrest anyone at the first opportunity. Don’t make the police have to do their job and you’ll be fine.

Where to buy marijuana: Where not? It’s Woodstock! Hang out, be social, and ask around. There aren’t a ton of sources, but most fellow smokers will let you chill with little if any questions asked. If you hang out enough you might become privied to certain information. Check out the drum circles, and talk to fellow shoppers in certain and browsers. Don’t be aggressive…just chill. There is a very laid back vibe and if you are too gung-ho in your pursuits then you’re going to turn people off. The Village Green is called the Village Green for a reason…find out where it is, bring yourself and just chill. Keep your ear out for events, shows, and gatherings at nearby hotspots.

Marijuana prices: Not cheap, but all types can be found. Usually 40+ for an 1/8 and that is the smallest quantity you’ll find. Every once in a while some rarities can be found or otherwise observed with the senses…$500+ for a lid.

Marijuana brands: NYC Sour Diesel, Mexican Mids (about 33 – 40% of the crop),Trainwreck, Amnesia Haze (you’ll know it when you toke it….you’ll have trouble recalling even your name or the last 5 minutes for about 8 hours) Woodstock Widow (basically very neon greenish with white hairs, sativa, seedless, very smooth smoke taste, almost pine sol like smell…. This is a tourist trap so there is always a wide array of strains around…check the B&Bs

More information: Woodstock is a melting pot of people, and not everyone smokes. Respect the locals and don’t be a dick. There are some health nuts and family values centered people who do not appreciate having our favorite thing within their sensory perception. You can crack open a room or car window and let the sweet smell drift, but don’t drive around or make bold public displays. There are plenty of nooks and crannies and even woods to just vegetate, meditate, and take a puff or two (yes, one or two…joints and blunts are not popular). Also check the hiking trails and recreation areas near by…the Catskill Park affords many opportunities and the rangers are not going to hunt you down as long as you carry it out and put it out. Check out the shops and restaurants…of course Woodstock is a tourist trap, but if you’re looking for a temporary reprieve from the rigors of life, it’s two and a half hours from just about everywhere yet in the center of it all.