Wolfville, NS, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Canada, and you can be charged for having it, or having scales and bongs and such.

Law enforcement: The laws enforcement in Wolfville is VERY relax. I’ve never heard of anyone from around here being charged except massive chinese growers out in the sticks.

I was once driven home by a pot who admitted to me he knew I was high. He told me I shouldn’t walk around at night (it was 4am) while I was high because I might get mugged. Nice guy, didn’t search me, gave me a free ride.

Where to buy marijuana: There is no specific place. This is a University town, so the dealers change every 6-12 months. Just walk into one of the many bars or parties that go on (there is no way you can’t find a party…just knock on the door, say you’re from out of town and trust me, they will let you party with them.) Just ask around and you will find.

Marijuana prices: ~70 for 1/4

~180-200 for 1 ounce

These prices are on average.

Marijuana brands: No specific brands that I know of, but every time I’ve ever boughten in this town, it’s been very potent.

More information: The dealers here are very nice for the most part. The majority of them don’t mind strangers, and some will even offer you to sit down and toke up with them. The dealers do NOT hang around the streets, you will have to find someone to tell you where a dealer lives and go knock.