Wales, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: 3 Strikes, then a fine…¬†ILLEGAL.

Law enforcement: It depends. Some can be OK while others make an example of you if they feel like it.

DS SquadD are very strict.

Where to buy marijuana: Try either the island field or Moyross but be warned these areas are dangerous.I would recommend trying dick devanes in limerick city – it’s a crazy pub…

Or maybe the wicked chicken – good tunes as well.

Or Dlans…….

Marijuana prices: Hhash is about 90 euro – 110 euro an ounce. Grass is rare unless you know someone… About 50 euro for 3 grams

Marijuana brands: Hash


White widow when available

Skuns – rare but if you know the right people may be found.

More information: Limerick is a mad city for hash, which is very common in clubs and generally ok. Grass is always good quality but rare and can be very expensive.