Vilnius, Lithuania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1.5

Legislation: In May 2003, new drug laws came into force. They prohibited possession of even a small amount of illicit drugs (including pot) with no intent to distribute. Possession and purchasing can theoretically result in a jail sentence of up to 2 years, but without imprisonment if the offence is judged to be a misdemeanour (smoking a joing in public). Traffickers may be sentenced for 5-8 years.

Law enforcement: If the cops find you smoking marijuana, they will take it from you, and if you’re lucky, they will only give you a beating, which is preferable to the tuberculosis you are very likely to get in a lithuanian jail or prison.

Prior to 2003, possession was regarded as only an “administrative offence” – so while they have passed tougher laws, I would be extremely surprised if you even saw the inside of a police station if caught smoking in a discreet area or caught with a small amount. But if you’re a tourist and caught with a decent amount or caught smoking in a blatantly public place, you’re asking for trouble – use common sense. Also, if you get a bad cop, you may get into a bit of trouble, but marijuana isn’t regarded as a serious offence and they are more concerned about herion (Lithuania is considered one of the thoroughfares for opium between asia and europe).

Be careful. I even was asked if I was a cop by dealers when I was 17 years old. Smoking in the street is pretty dangerous police wise.

Where to buy marijuana: Young people (of course) will point you in the right direction, but you need to be careful. The best way I found was this: find a lithuanian who has travelled around europe a bit. Ask this question “Have you ever been to amsterdam?”

If the answer is yes, “did you like the coffee shops?” …. from here, you are only a few questions away from “how’s the weed in vilnuis? …and… where can i ge some?”

University bars might be a good spot to try, but don’t go asking everyone. Just wait till you come across a person who looks like they may be a smoker (or has been to amsterdam) and strike up a cautious conversation about it (don’t appear too eager or rush straight to the point). And never ask if you get mixed vibes about the person you struck up a conversation with.

Try asking young people (for example, skaters) who sit around the Opera House or in a tiny park across the street. Buying marijuana in Lithuania is more based on knowing the right guy, but it’s possible to score some just off the street.

another reporter added: “From very close friends, preferably. Others may sell you a bag of the finest-looking green cannabis which grows abundantly throughout the city and country. Gypsies will sell you weed, usually of the lowest quality, if they don’t rip you off”

Marijuana prices: Usually 30-40 LT (about 10 – 13 dollars) a gram, discounts if you buy more or know the right guy.

another reporter added: “25 to 30 Litu for a gram of excellent green, Amsterdam quality. Good luck getting more than one gram, and even better luck is required to get a gram that weighs more than .75 grams. Hash goes for 30 to 45 Litai per gram, usually the light brown variety, not afghani, ever.”

Brands: Green – didn’t come across hash.

Quality if very ordinary. I got something that I would describe as “home grown.” Not the sort of place where you come across great hydro easily, but I didn’t dig around too much and there may be good stuff out there.

Usually poor, weak weed. The only strong, good weed that I’ve encountered was brought from Kaunas by my friend with connections. Hash is practically non-existant, and when some hash appear, the news reach everyone immidiatelly.

another reporter added: “I’ve seen White Widow that really was, for the last few years”

More information: Lithuanians are good, but unusual people. There is something about their way that is just somewhat….unpredictable. It’s easy to break the ice with many of them, but slightly difficult to really get to know them. For that reason, be a bit careful when it comes to this sort of stuff. Use a little more common sense than you would if you were in prague (for example). It doesn’t hurt to ask the right person in the right situation, but I was rather uncertain about the response I’d get if i accidentally asked the wrong person.

No need to go looking for tobacco shops or huge supermarkets, you can get pretty good rolling paper at every press kiosk.

another reporter added: “Most here consider weed to be on the same level as cyanide, whether you smoke it or sell it. Everybody has a cell phone, and will call the cops if they see you smoking out side. The people here aren’t used to the smell, they don’t know it.”