Vienna, Austria


The use of marijuana in Austria is not technically illegal. However, production and possession of cannabis is in fact illegal. You could face up to one year in prison for possession but Austria allows offenders to complete probation or drug rehabilitation instead. If you do neither of these then you will likely be subject to pay a fine to the courts.

Growing marijuana in Austria is not severely punished as long as you are not producing. The Austrian law recognizes producing as separating the buds from the plant. Large amounts over 200 grams is considered a serious crime and Austrian law enforcement will take into account any evidence they find at your grow. This can include old trimmings or other information pointing at an obvious past of production.

Law Enforcement

Vienna police make no special efforts at arresting Marijuana users.

A local reporter added the following story:

“In the late 90s I was busted in Austria for bringing a sack from Amsterdam on my way to Hungary on the train. They woke me up early with a knock on my door. I got up and opened it to see two military style police with submachine guns asking to search my bags. I was drowsy and gave permission. I didn’t think they’d find it, but they were incredibly thorough, searching through the pages of books and squeezing out my toothpaste. The room started reeking of Skunk, so I fessed up. They asked what else I had, so I showed them a huge knife I got in Nepal. That wasn’t a problem, but I got taken to the station and had to sign a confession for the weed. They processed me with photos, prints and the works. Then let me go minus the herb and told me I had pled guilty with a suspended sentence. If I get caught there again it’s straight to prison. The cops were pretty cool, but I’d be careful in Austria. Remember, always keep it on your person, never in you bags! That way you always have a chance to ditch it, or at least when they search your bags and find nothing you probably won’t have a body search. Be safe!”

Where to buy marijuana in Vienna

Recent WeBeHigh users have had success in a nightclub called “Flex” near the Schottenring metro station. You will crash a canal and might be hassled by some black guys into buying some low quality weed but continue into the club and find plenty of dealers. The price may be a little high, one user reported 4 joints for 20€.

Another local smoker suggested a pub called Camera as a good place to score. Another said visitors could ask other shoppers at Bush Planet, a local head shop, but recent reports state these guys might be hesitant.

If you are still on the prowl catch the train the Stadtpark. If you go around sunset or at night as you walk up the stairs of the train station you will almost certainly be approached by Gypsie. They sell decent chronic for roughly 10 euros a gram. If nobody approaches you just look out for the eye signal and the deal will go down. The more you buy the better the price you will get.

January 2016 Tip: “you can find it at the tram / metro station right opposite the kempinsky hotel. just walk to the station (above the ground) and local dudes will be staring at you, all u gotta do is wink and you’ll get whatever your lost soul desires… :)”

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Marijuana Prices in Vienna

Around 10 euros a gram.