Uppsala, Sweden

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: All drug use, possession, acquisition, and trafficking are crimes and are punishable under Swedish law. Setting up a contact between a dealer and consumer is also punishable by law.

The Swedish judicial system divides narcotics offenses into minor, simple and aggravated categories based on the amount of drugs involved – regardless of whether there was intent to sell. Those convicted of minor offenses can get up to six months in jail. Simple offenses carry a three-year sentence, while aggravated convictions garner at least two and a possible 10 years in prison. “Sweden has one of the harshest drugs policies in the world” wrote journalist Danny Rosenbaum. “In many countries, including Britain, it is common for people in possession of cannabis to face only a caution. In Sweden, however, offenders are always prosecuted.”

Law enforcement: Police will confiscate any cannabis found, and in most cases they will prosecute.

Aslong as you can act normal and not act as a gangster, you will most likley be fine. If you get caught by some of the older cops you are propebly screwed no matter what.

Where to buy marijuana: During the summertime you should go to “Stadsparken”, the citypark, just located 300 meters south of the central station, you cant miss it.

Get the guts to ask someone you think look like a stoner, the city is overwhelmed with students so finding one wont be a problem.

Swedes are usually very polite and speak exceptional good English.

Also you can ask the younger hiphopers if they can get you some Mary Jane.

Common slangs for hasch is, Brass, Rökish, Brunt (Brown).

Using the slang “Fivish” is also very common, translates to 5 grams of Cannabis, everyone will know exactly what you mean.

Slang for weed is the same as the english slangs, you can use them here, just a bit diffrent for hasch.

Marijuana prices: For 5 grams of standard hasch you usually have to pay about 500 SEK, (50 USD).

As soon you get to know someone, the price will be drasticly cheaper, about 250-300 SEK (30USD).

But keep atleast 500 SEK on you before even trying to buy, dont try to buy anything smaller than 5 grams, since no one can be arsed for such small ammount.

Marijuana brands: Mostly standard hasch and homegrown weed, during the summertime the city flourish with good homegrown weed. Ive even came across strains like Afghan Valley, White Widow and Orange Haze without much hassle at all.

These strains cost significantly more, up to 650 SEK for 5 grams (Fivish).

More information: Very friendly and relaxing city during summertime, great place for stoners vaycation if you are intrested in Swedish culture.

Dont worry about the cops, the risk of getting busted is very small, unless you are very stupid.

Never ever smoke in the middle of the street, where it is to obvious you are doing drugs.

It is totally fine hanging out in the city park puffing a joint, just dont be noisy, and stay away from alcohol.