Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal in Mongolia. But it grows naturally almost everywhere in the country so no one really cares. Easy to bribe the cops if youre caught in smoking or possesion its usually max 20.000 tugruks (20$). Anyways cannabis is not very popular in the country so most people doesnt even know what it is.

Law enforcement: Bribing the cops are easy. If you won’t bribe them immediately before getting all attention on you, having less than a 5 gramms of hash or cannabis you can stay locked about day or two and will pay fine of 50$ in a local police station. Selling it will make you in trouble of at least year in detention.

Where to buy marijuana: mostly nigth clubs, or ask the hippy looking guys in front area of state department store.

Marijuana prices: Prices vary a lot depenting on a dealer. Usually 5$ per joint or 3 grams of hash for about 20$.

Marijuana brands: Almost all natural grows almost everywhere. The high is medium uplifting and stone effects mostly, hash and oil imported from neighbour countries