Uddevalia, Sweden

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: All drug use, possession, acquisition, and trafficking are crimes and are punishable under Swedish law. Setting up a contact between a dealer and consumer is also punishable by law. It’s also illegal to be high and have traces of thc in the urin.

The Swedish judicial system divides narcotics offences into minor, simple and aggravated categories based on the amount of drugs involved – regardless of whether there was intent to sell. Those convicted of minor offences can get up to six months in jail. Simple offences carry a three-year sentence, while aggravated convictions garner at least two and a possible 10 years in prison. “Sweden has one of the harshest drugs policies in the world,” wrote journalist Danny Rosenbaum. “In many countries, including Britain, it is common for people in possession of cannabis to face only a caution. In Sweden, however, offenders are always prosecuted.”

Law Enforcement: Police will confiscate any cannabis found, and in most cases they will prosecute. Unders 18s caught with cannabis are normally just given a warning, but if you get a strict cop, then they will take you down. If you don’t carry any but the police demands a urin sample say that you don’t want to pee in a cup and demand that they draw blood instead. Don’t ask the police for help wit anything if you are drunk, my friend got searched for drugs for that simple reason. Idiot cops.

Where to buy marijuana: Try to find someone who looks like a stoner and ask them discretly if they can get you some.

Marijuana prices: From 300-550 for 5 g, if you don’t know anybody count on at least 400.

Marijuana brands: Almost only hash, mostly marockan of medium quality.

More information: Dont go to Uddevalla, it’s a boring city that don’t have anything to offer.