Tromsoe, Norway

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: The Norwegian government outlaws all possession and use of hash or pot.

Law Enforcement: The Tromsoe Police is not hunting down recreational users but u can get in a little troubble if you are caught smoking publicly(probably they will take u to the police station for a short interregation and u will be fined). Although some people are smoking publicly and it usually works out fine.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Tromsoe : Generally norwegian stoners/dealers are very paranoid, but they tend to ease up in the evenings after a few drinks so the nightclubs could provide you with a source. I think “kaos” is the best bet or maybe you could try Blaarock.

Look for stoned/shady looking people, ask them politely and some will probably help you out.

another report is: “in Kroken,7km outside of the city!

go into the shopping mall en look for the most stooned dude,ask him for some good “tjall” and then you just need a place to smoke=)”

Tromsoe Marijuana prices:

1 gram = 100 kr

5 grams = 500 kr (most dealers throw in a little extra if u buy 5 grams) 50 gram= 3 500 kr

Brands: usually u will get standard soapbar if you dont meet the right people. Sometimes there are good bubblehash around but strangers usually end up with soapbar.

Marihuana is rarely around and its probably swag anyway.