Toulouse, France

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: French law doesn’t make the distinction between soft and hard drugs, so penalties are very harsh in theory. However, in practice, you get any trouble for small quantities.

Law enforcement: Should not be a problem, except for the odd zealous policeman.

Where to buy marijuana: In Toulouse, Place Wilson, Place de la Daurade and sometimes place du capitole. You’ll hear dealers ask you “haschich, haschcih”. However, this was 8 years ago. I went back one year ago and Place Wilson was empty. Generally speaking, try to make eye contact with a north african looking guy and see what happens.

Rip off can happen, however it never occured to me in maybe 20 times. Apply the usual rules : never give your money before and check the stuff.

Marijuana prices: Expensive. 3g of hash for 20 Euros

Marijuana brands: Average quality hash.