Torremolinos, Spain

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Although Marijuana is illegal in spain it´s no big deal to be caught with it normally. If you walk around in the evening and you have the “right eyes” you can see people smoking everywhere. Especially hash-smoking is quiet common in spain.

Law enforcement: There are two kinds of police as I understood from the hispanic guy i´ve been talking with. policia local is the local police and won´t do you no harm if you stay cool. policia nacional are the real motherfuckers and you should stay away from them – they are as corrupt as policemen can be. nonetheless you should hide your stuff well he told me.

Where to buy marijuana: There is a stairway that leads from the upper town down to the beach. In the evening/afternoon there are always some morrocan or hispanic boys hanging out on one of the benches smoking hash.

Just ask them for chocolata or marijuana – the hash that i bought was good polm and the marijuana was outdoor-grown but real good quality. we´ve been smoking together for a while – shit man – i was really stoned. don´t buy stuff from the dealers that walk along the beachwalk in the evening – one guy offered me the worst henna-stretched dope i´ve seen in my whole life and that for an exorbitant price.

Marijuana prices: Hash – i bought for 20 euros and received about 12 grams of good “blonde” hash.

Marijuana – was more expensive about 4 grams of real good outdoor grown for

15 euros.

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