Tonsberg-Horten, Norway

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: The Norwegian government outlaws all possession and use of cannabis.

Law enforcement: There’s a huge difference between law-enforcement in Tønsberg and Horten, even though they’re so close – so we’ll start off with Tønsberg:

– Being caught using cannabis in Tønsberg is a fairly low risk. The police don’t go directly for the users but mostly the suppliers, so you’re ‘safe’. There are some places you just stay clean away from if you’re packed, but I’ll come back to that later.

Horten on the other hand:

– Horten is the most ‘see-through’ city in all of Vestfold. Nothing happens there without someone knowing or seeing. This of course includes the police. The difference between users and suppliers isn’t such a huge difference. Of course, there’s some difference, but stay clean in certain areas.

Where to buy marijuana: Tønsberg: – There are plenty of places to get your hands on some weed. The most common places are:

> “Narko torvet”. (The large space right outside “FARMANDSTREDET” in the middle of Tønsberg city, and “VKT” (The bus station in Tønsberg city). These two places you can pick up weed whenever.

Most people stay away from ‘NARKO TORVET’ because the police control the place all the time, and you never know if you’re talking with a junkie or a undercover cop. But if you’re in need and have no hook-up, this is the place to go. Ask anyone looking a little sketchy.

VKT however is a bit more safe. There’s nothing special you need to do in order to buy weed; Just look for the most stereotypical gangster-looking kids you can find. Usually from the age 16-22. Weed is quite accepted here, so you won’t be hassled for asking a random person. These are the two ways of scoring weed unless you have a hook-up.

Horten: There aren’t many places to score weed in Horten unless you have a phone and a couple of numbers. You basically need a hook-up, and even if you have one, you’re not in goal yet.. There are hundreds of potheads in Horten, but the dealers however aren’t always reliable. If you want to score weed of the street, I recommend hanging outside >”SJØSIDEN”< in Apotekergata, basically down by the sea and try to fish out a pothead.

Marijuana prices: Tønsberg:

> Standard hash: 100,- NOK

> Quality hash: 100-200,- NOK

> Standard green: 100-150,- NOK

> Dank greenshit: 150-250,- NOK


> Standard hash: 100-125,- NOK

> Quality hash: 125-200,- NOK

> Standard green: 125-200,- NOK

> Quality green: 150-250,- NOK

[Depends on what sort of hook-up you have, or if you’re dealing with someone right off the street. But these are the most common prices in the Tønsberg-Horten area]

Marijuana brands: – Hash

– Hya

– Sub Zero

– K2

– Bobblings (bubbling hash).

– Chocolate.

[Green doesn’t hold a name]

These are the most common types of hash you can get your hands on, maybe not so much Sub Zero, K2 and Hya, but the remaining is something anyone can get their hands on.