Toms River, NJ, New Jersey

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New Jersey, this includes medical purposes, cultivation, consuming and distributing of the substance.

Law enforcement: Cops look out for ppl smoking marijuana due to them not having anything else do, if u smoke in your house you will not get caught but smoking anywhere outside brings high risk, cops are looking for busts and if you’re caught they will most likely not give you a free ride.

Where to buy marijuana: There are basically no dealers selling on corners here and you will have to know somebody to get what your looking for, you can ask locals around the area but most likely u would get ripped off and will probaly not get anything good.

Marijuana prices: mids (Most available) $10- gram, $25- $35 1/8, $50 1/4, $90-$100 1/2, $180-$200 Oz

dro- $20- gram, $40- $45 1/8, $75- $80 1/4, $140-$145 1/2, $300-$320 Oz

haze- $20- .7g, $55- $60 1/8, $110- $120 1/4, $200- $220 1/2, $400- $440 Oz

Marijuana brands: If you don’t know anybody you will most def get middies or maybe not anything for that matter, but depending on your dealer you can get anything from potent hazes to kush and white widow. I have personally come across blueberry, orange, purple and bubblegum haze as well as cali kush but you most likely have to spend more money and no somebody to come across these brands.

More information: In terms of marijuana Toms River is very disapointing with the prices being high and good weed hard to come across with it being only 50 or so miles from nyc and philly.