Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: as anywhere in canada, possession is not legal, but is not serious. carrying several portions or a scale will get you charged for trafficking.

Law enforcement: pretty slack, just try not to smoke right in front of police. they will usually dump or take your weed, just be polite and don’t act dumb.

Where to buy marijuana: any bar, and there are lots of them.

southend-victoriaville centre, transit terminal.

north side-bars, waverly park, wilson park. just ask any young person or stoner type. people here are very tolerant, even if they don’t smoke, they may know a guy. occasionally, i have met people that don’t smoke, but happen to have weed for some reason, and they just give you some!

Marijuana prices: Not bad, usually $15/g (try to find $10 is difficult), $40/3.5g,$70-80/7g,240+/0z.

Another source qutoed: $10 on the nose. As a former stoner of the city, a

lot of people chop at pretty high prices. 100 bucks gets you 10 grams.

Marijuana brands: the usuals, also alot of outdoor grown in outlying municipalities (good pot actually for its lower prices)