Tel-aviv, Israel

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4


Legislation: Marijuana and Hashish are illegal and so is any related action (buying, selling, growing, smoking). Cannabis is not decriminalized in Israel, but almost every other person smokes it. the enforcement is not strict at all, you can light up a joint in a lot of bars around town as many people do all the time. if you go out at night, you will see someone lighting a joint at one point, while most people smoke Hash(Ha-Shish) as its readily available, its also possible to find some high quality weed (grown indoor) if you meet the right people

Law Enforcement: The police usually ignore marijuana smokers, but will probably arrest you if you got into any other kind of trouble and was carrying pot.

the police is trying to catch the distribution line such as people who run grow operations rather than bust small timers who are just smoking or carrying small amounts, although if you are caught with a small amount most odds are that you will spend a night in a police station and then theyll release you with a warning…

Where to buy marijuana: basically all you need is to find someone kind enough with a joint and ask them for a “Boof”, that is the Hebrew word for small piece of hash… if your lucky you will get a Boof for free, or if your even luckier you will be able to buy some from them, if you try a few people and you become friends with someone, they will offer to get you something if you leave them a small piece in exchange. Recommended areas to ask or find are next to the beach, and Allenby – the nightclub street. However the best spot to find something to smoke while not knowing anyone is the central bus station in the south of Tel Aviv (known as the “Tachana Merkazit. However BE WARNED: security is very tight, and there are plainclothes security guards all over the station. They are mostly looking around for security reasons, they aren’t hunting for potheads, keep yourself discreet and look around, if your lucky you might bump into one of the dealers. Usually you can always find hashish, and maybe some nice pot. Make sure to check out the stuff before paying.

Prices: Generally prices are low in Israel, here are our recommended prices:

10 grams of Hashish, which is also called “Tolla”, should cost 150 to 250 NIS (decent quality is going for 200)

in Israel they use the metric system, so everything is measured in grams :

A “Tola” or “Etzba”- 10 grams – of Hashish – should cost ~200shekels

A gram of good hydro – 70-80 shekels (in Jerusalem it could also be 100-120shekels)

Brands: Most of the Pot in Israel is local stuff, imported from Lebanon. It has fine quality, although many times the material is low in THC levels.

However, there has been a tremendous increase in the quality of pot available in Tel Aviv over the last few years, and while quite expensive, when its good its very good!!

Country: Israel

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +2

Telephone Area Code: +972 – 3

Marijuana and hash are very common in Israel generally, and in the Tel Aviv area in particular, where if you want to go to a party all you need is to go to any mailbox and read the many party fliers that are often even divided into joint filters so if you aren’t interested in a party u can at least roll something for your pleasure… The only problem in smoking in Israel is that it is still (formally) considered illegal, so you will not be able to buy it in a shop but if you’ll hang around enough you’ll know where to find it. Beware of undercover cops and there are plenty of them. One of the signs to recognize an undercover police car is the license plate that mostly ends with 00 (ex: 99-764-00). But don’t be afraid for being caught cause of saying marijuana in the street. People in Israel are very open-minded about weed, and some parties in the parliament are now working on marijuana legalization.

Now a little about smoking in Israel and the quality:

The hash here is great I must say and even there are many kinds of it and you can really enjoy it. The Jaras here is a more difficult to find but still not impossible. Considering that weed is not legalized here the prices are really good. For example 8 grams of weed (matchbox) will cost 50 shekels (local money) that is about 10$ so the prices are not bad. 50 grams of weed will cost 200 shekels (for now 1$ = 4.50 shekels), so again a really good price 50 grams for 45$. Hash costs about 100-150 shekels for approximately 10 grams (called a “finger” – “eatzba” or “tulla”).

And after you bought your weed I suppose you will want to smoke it…

The most popular way of smoking here is Bongs that are working like hookahs, but smaller and more comfortable. A bong you can buy almost in every kiosk, for really nothing so don’t worry, I think the people in the kiosk will even explain you how to use it. Tel Aviv is full of 24-hour kiosks that sell cigarettes, booze and a wide variety of after hour products ranging. They are usually safe to ask about smokables. Of course they don’t sell it themselves but might lead you in the right direction. Still always remember to be the final judge of who you ask and how you ask it.

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