Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Since the revolution it is legal to have marijuana if it is under 2 grams. But they might give you a fine. Do not smoke in public, unless there are no cops, because people there do not call cops.

Law enforcement: DO NOT TRY TO BRIBE, after the revolution the new president has replaced the whole police department. They will not take bribes. Best thing to do is act like you are a diplomat and have privileges.

Where to buy marijuana in Tbilisi: Basiacally you have to know a local who smokes and usually buys. Be prepared to wait at least 4 hours before you get the shit, sometimes it might be faster. No dealers will allow to meet with them, so the weed has to go through at least 2 people.

Generally street action is nonexistant. You need to find someone who is connected. Once you find someone, it’s easy rolling. Do not look for drug dealers yourself. Drug dealers in Georgia are scum. They are not the friendly hippie pot dealer that you find in the US.

If you are going outside of the the capital to villages or just sight seing, definitely aks the locals, who are usually willing to sell large amounts for relatively low prices. Also, if you are out in the countryside, look underfoot, you may very well find a delightful surprise. This weed is smokable, but requires more to get the desired high.

Tbilisi marijuana prices: Usually costs around $20 – $30, max $40. If someone has some and there smoking around you, they’ll defiantly share.

Prices can vary greatly from Free to about 40$ for a matchbox. The good news is that Georgian are very friendly people and they take care of guests very well. If you find someone who is connected, you will most likely smoke for free if they like you.

Brands: This is the tricky part. Most georgians are not accustomed to the great quality of weed we have in the US. They smoke outdoor, mass grown weed. You might be surprised but they smoke leaves as well. If you have a hard time finding good weed, you’ll will most definitely be able to find managua, which is a condensed milk based drink made from wild (but smokable) weed which grows wild i many parts of the country. This is something crazy. after about an hour, it will give VERY intense visuals. I highly reccomend managua.

There are no specific strains. But there are regions where good weed comes from, guria and svaneti. Its all natural, grown on little farms, or in discreet places.

More information: make managua, as stated in the other city guide for tbilisi. Managua recipe 1. obtain a lot of weed that does not get you high, at least two whole plants. 2. boil this for about 5 min. 3. then add baking soda so that you can the THC out better. 4. you might add condensed milk, this will give it a better taste. 5. then take the weed out and rinse it, better to use some material that has small holes.