Tampere, Finland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Categorized as a narcotic (not a hard one) since the sixties. Illegal for all purposes.

Law Enforcement: possession will get you fined, unless police happens to be busy or in a really good mood.

Where to Buy marijuana in Tampere: Tampere is such a small city in such a anti-drug country, as Finland is, that finding cannabis on sale on street is virtually unheard of. There are some sellers during summer festivals, like Tammerfest. The best bet is to ask politely around from dreadlock people in parks (summertime), you might get lucky. There are reasonably many homegrowers in this town so that most night-life happenings propably have people with some stock, but they never sell openly.

Marijuana and Hashish prices: 10-15€/g for bud is common, hash is rare these days, but costs 10€/g if you can find it.


All bud is homegrown, high-quality dutch brands with no seeds or stems, so price/quality is good if you happen to find anyone selling buds. Hash on sale is most likely crappy soap.