Tampa, FL, Florida

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5


Legislation: Under 20 Grams is designated by the Florida Legislature as a 1st degree misdemeanor carrying up to 365 days in the county Jail and up to a $1,000.00 fine. If your cool though and tell them your out of town etc. etc BS you may just get a ticket and will just have to show up to court.

Law enforcement: All over the place….Major roads Sheldon, Bruce B Downs, Busch, Nebraska, any where that looks ghetto stay away….Stay around Bruce B Downs but not at night….They are mostly looking for other drugs, if you keep it to personal amounts you may get lucky.

Enforcement during city events such as Gasperila and Guavaween is reasonably lax, if caught you will most likely get a yellow slip, this dose not apply if you appear to be a distributor. On a normal day police tend to be more concerned with other more serious matters, however this dose vary greatly with location.

Where to buy marijuana: Anyone who looks like a hippie, if you go to the hood you’re prob. going to get robbed….Try around campuses, or local clubs.

Tampa is a city of diversity, this is especially true when it comes to pot. Although Tampa’s drug of choice is caffeine, pot can be found most places. Stay out of the ghetto, and although eybor is easy it can be risky. A good place to scout around is near the University of South Florida, especially small corner store type markets in the immediate area. Also near USF take a stroll down skipper road and look for the first hippy’s you see.

Marijuana prices: Prices will vary through the entire spectrum, ranging from cheap to outrageous if your asking strangers its pot luck don’t hesitate to say no thanks if price is unreasonable, lots of fish in the bay.

Mids –

30-40 -quad



Droskie –

50 = 8er

100 = quad

150 – 180

280 – 330

Marijuana brands: Sour Diesel

Haze’s of all kind


Strawberry Cough



Orange Crush


A good selection of high end strains are attainable

but no single one seems to be reliably available, you can get your econo

dirt weed too.

More information: Tampa isn’t the greatest, but for the flame its the place to be!