Tamerindo, Costra Rica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Costa Rica, and so is any related action.

Members of the Public Security Ministry’s Special Support Police (PAE), also known as the “Mountain Police,” search for and manually destroy marijuana fields in the mountainous regions of northern and southern Costa Rica.

Law enforcement: 3+ here comes the tricky part (read ahead)

Where to buy marijuana: on the street near the main tamerindo surf spots, vendors selling random things as well

Marijuana prices: Talk them down as usual.. 20-30 american gets you 5-7 grams however, scored some headies to my shock, from some rasta looking locals aka dread locks

Marijuana brands: schwag and some decent haze

More information: VERY IMPORTANT ADVICE PLEASE READ: NEVER EVER go with your guys who you have bought from during the night, on to the beach to smoke one!! I repeat do not go down on the beach in Tamerindo at night and burn one with the dealer or your buddies!! I myself got caught in what may be a scheme the cops pull on tourists (It has happened to several of my friends as well-also at other surf beaches in Costa) Anyway, make a long one short-we got busted burning one with our dealer ho we thought was way chill.. Well after they one cop took the dealer to the side, there was another one (NO ENLGISH spoken at all by copper) I spoke little Spanish, and rembered my friends telling me they had got caught in the same situation.. They paid the cop off 20 bucks and he let us go- WITH THE HERB!! We actualy went to reggae bar w/dealer.. So I am not sure really if it was our luck, and all my other friends luck, but we all got caught the same way and were let off after the bribe.. JUST BE EXTREMLY CAREFUL, it is lax, but there is lots of coppers and hookers..