Tamarindo, Costra Rica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Costa Rica is a country severely influenced by the US Anti-Drug Policy, as trans-shipment point for South American Cocaine on its way to the US and Canada. The country as a whole has a negative view on drugs. That being said, there is a large Ganja sub-culture throughout the country..

Marijuana is illegal in costa rica but there is a very strong ganja presence

Law enforcement: In Tamarindo, nearly nonexistent. With the rapid growth, has come property crime. Many property owners are calling for a larger police presence and the government seems to be listening.

Where to buy marijuana: Our Latest reports tell us: “Along the main street, at the end near the rasta bars. On the beach you can ask any locals, youll eventually find someone who will point you in the right direction.

On the beach there were many costa ricans smoking blunts just walking down the beach.

Another good spot to go is any large park area. The large parks are filled with locals with large backpacks, ask around, most of the time they will offer it to you, but be careful, dont get into a bad situation, and stay in groups.”

Check out the head shop on the main street. Look for any Rasta’s milling about near the trees at the edge of the beach. You will also see young stoner surfer types, they are a great resource and very friendly.

Also check out the On the beach. On the main street

Marijuana prices: several American dollars 10-20 will get you a large sack (4-7) of some brick Colombian or locally grown stuff. About mids in America, pretty shitty brown brick weed, but it gets the job done well.

If you can get connections, you may be able to get Jamaican or locally grown danks.

80-eighth i paid for some DANK locally grown shit

80+ an eighth for Jamaican if you can find it

Others suggest: Offer $10-$20 will usually get you a handful of some brownish crap that does the job. No good stuff to speak of. Bring your own bag, those seems to be scarce also.

The price is 20 a joint. For crap brown local weed. This is the same price from 3 different sources. The price is way over inflated. Don’t buy, protest!

Marijuana brands: N/A

More information: Roll a hooter and enjoy on the beach. Tamarindo has some beautiful sunsets.

Ask around surf/skate shops. Or the skatepark. there were a bunch of locals that were willing to take us to a guy that gave us Jamaican and some locally grown dank ass bud. Just really ask around, tell them you want “good” weed, and they will point you in the right direction