Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Estonia has softened its approach to drugs. In 2002, new laws reclassified ‘small amounts for personal use’ as a misdemeanor (previously, it was a criminal offense). However, those at the top end can get into trouble.

Law enforcement: Police in Tallinn are everywhere – especially in the old town. while they never really pull you over and I’ve never seen anyone get searched by them in the street, their strong presence alone is cause to exercise common sense. Apparently, they can issue a charge sheet, but apparently, they almost always suspend or defer the misdemeanor hearing in the interest of efficiency. However, if there are special circumstances, you could get into trouble. Furthermore, whatever you do, don’t drive under the influence. In Tallinn, police come down harshly on drink driving and some traffic offences. If you are pulled over and you are stoned on top of that, you may well see the inside of a jail cell.

Where to buy marijuana: Tough one. The best advise I can give is to find well connected ex-pats. You need someone who knows someone. The belief that you’ll just happen to come across it sooner or later is wishful thinking to say the least.

The latest reports say “Your best bet would be going through Old Town asking people. Just look for people who look like they smoke, if a person is wearing Air Forces (nike) he’ll most likely hook you up if he trusts you, he’ll most likely speak decent English too. Almost all people that wear “rap” gear smoke mary in Tallinn. Make sure you watch out for the cops while doing so and make sure to make the person trust you somehow. There is a lot of undercover cops in Old Town. So most people will most likely ignore you, but if they trust you it all depends on how much dope you are looking for. They’ll most likely have to take you somewhere safe to make a deal or they’ll have to go pick it up if you’re looking to get lots.

Go through parks, you might find someone smoking there. Ask around the kids hanging around in Park Lepistiku in Mustamae, you’ll most likely get a hook up there.

Marijuana prices: About $18 USD for a gram. Latest reports put it higher “Starts at 35 euro a gram but if you need a lot the price drops.

Brands: Skunk is available. The skunk I came across was fruity and full of crystals. Really blew my head off too, but apparently, it’s not always that good.

More information: Relatively lax laws, but few people smoke it in estonia (even young people). Alcohol is the drug of choice by and large and pot is simply difficult to come across.

Put your Bob Marley shirt on and make sure people belive your actually not a cop.

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  1. guke zupp

    you need to know someone who knows someone. real talk. almost no street dealers in estonia. but if you find one he´ll probably try to rip you off. but do not be afraid to ask young people. there are lots of friendly english speaking young people in tallinn. just ask around and soon you´ll find someone who is a smoker or who knows someone. actually there is lots of smokers in e-stonia 🙂

    price is 20 euros for a gram. if someone asks more, do not buy. 20 is the price and it is non-negotiable. if you buy more than 5 grams the price can drop a little.

    the thing about brands is that you never know what you get. in most times the dealer himself doesn´t know what brand he is selling at the moment. mostly indicas available though. it is really hard to find sativas or hash in estonia. if you´re lucky you can find some great quality bud but you have to know that there are also lots of dealers who sell low-quality weed and there is always a possibility that you will get ripped off. peace!


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