Taipei, Taiwan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Marijuana use is listed as a Schedule 2 narcotic, in the same league as codeine, ecstasy (or MDMA) and LSD and is punishable by no less than seven years in prison, according to the Statue for Narcotics Hazard Control.

Cannabis is Illegal, punishable by death for trafficking.

Law Enforcement: Do not smoke out in public. Police know what it smells and looks like, and there are plenty of police everywhere in the city. Getting caught with marijuana is a big deal in Taipei, you will most definitly end up in jail.

Where to buy marijuana in New Taipei: Since marijuana smoking is not very popular among Taiwanese people, getting marijuana in Taipei isn’t a very easy mission. The way to go about it is to ask only friendly foreigners around the nightclub scene.

Our reporter who hung around Taipei reported the following:

”There is a bar called Carnagie’s in Taipei. It’s the in place for non Chinese ex-patriots to hang out in. on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday the place is hopping with a DJ etc. I went there and met some white guys who after some conversation helped me get some real good hash the next day. It wasn’t expensive. I think I paid about $50 for a nice piece. The trick is to go about it gently and patiently. The white folks that hang out at Carnagies are nice and helpful to visiting fellow Europeans/Americans etc. these are not dealers, just people who can help you around Taipei.”

You may also want to check out a lounge bar called Woodstock right next to the infamous Roxy 99. Ask any foreigner in Taipei how to get to Roxy 99 and u can’t go wrong.

This bar has giant ice-cooled genuine brass hookahs, with a variety of flavored tobacco pastes, for NT$500 (about US$15) a session, which is enough for a tableful of people. The other night, we popped some weed in there. Nobody noticed and/or cared.

and our most recent report is: “It’s very difficult to find dealers if you’re just in Taipei for vacation, there are no street dealers. The best bet is to visit bars (not sports bars) that expats frequent and ask around….there are many of them, just pick up a English newspaper or publication.”

Taipei Marijuana Prices: Price varies depending on quality…..local pays about $10000nt for 10g for top quality imports, or really nice domestically grown. That’s about $300usd for 10g, it’s extremely expensive. Southeast asia imports sells for about $700nt for 10g, but it’s very bad stuff.

Brands: There is usually no choice, the dealer will only have 1 type, and the quality differs by a lot from time to time.

More information: It’s stoner’s hell in Taiwan, the environment is not suitable for getting stoned, dealers are hard to come by, sometime you find a reliable hook up and they dissapear after a few months……on top of that, it’s ridiculously expensive.

Country: Taiwan

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours

Dialing codes: + 886 (Taiwan) Area code: 2