Sydney, Australia

[mappress mapid=”2″]Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3 outta five

Legislation: Cultivating, selling, dealing, possessing, smoking, or consuming the products of this plant is an offence. Cannabis is illegal, and you will get arrested for it.

it’s illegal and cops do look for it. there have been a lot of busts recently. lots of the younger generation are not smoking as much pot as before in sydney as crystal meth is the new trend unfortunately ( what wrong wit there people weed is the SHITT!).

Law Enforcement: The police have introduced a “caution” system where first-time offenders caught with small amounts are given a formal police caution and let go without being prosecuted.

our most recent report is: “The NSW police actively pursue and prosecute soft drug users rather than tackling the increase in violent crime. Politicians are big on ‘getting tough on crime’ and this has been interpreted by the police as a carte blanche to hassle pot smokers.

NSW Police have been using sniffer dogs in public places to bust pot smokers for several years now. Despite the legality of this tactic being questioned they have justified it on the grounds of the thoroughly discredited notion of marijuana being a gateway drug.

The sniffer dog teams generally operate in the city area, specifically around Kings Cross and Oxford Street. They have been known to patrol other areas where young people congregate and train stations.

For this reason, it is not advised to carry even modest amounts of marijuana on public transport.

NSW police have a repuatation for being mean, violent and ignorant of the laws they are employed to enforce. They are corrupt but not susceptible to petty street bribes.”

and also: “It’s rare but cops do have sniffer dogs come to bars and on the street. ive been smelled out thankfully i had nothin on me but i had just smoked a nice fatty of hydro”

Where to buy Marijuana in Sydney: Marijuana is quite easy to obtain in Sydney, and because it is also popular and socially acceptable, feel free to ask anyone with a friendly face.

Street sellers locate themselves in Kings Cross, however the deals are very small . . . a good starting point for the desperate.

According to our local reporter: “There are many delivery services. Most stoners will have numbers of dealers, who usually have areas of business. You ring the number and ask to meet somewhere. Of course there are going to be street peddlers in Kings Cross but that should be kept as a last resort. All the weed I’ve ever bought has been through delivery services whereby they will drive to you, as long as it is in their area.”

and also: “if you don’t know someone kings cross is your best chance but the prices are ridiculous. Ive had to pay 25 bucks for a joint of the street before ( i was desperate). usually you can walk down and you will be offered weed.”

Sydney Marijuana Prices:

prices in AU$ (1 AU$ = 0.7 USD$ = 0.57 EUR)

$20 per 1 gram

$50 per 3 grams

$100 per 1/4

$350 per oz

also: “used to be 300 bucks the ounce now prices have gone up a bit to 350 bucks the ounce. this was from my friend who made not profit off me.”

Brands: mostly hydro but also a lot of bush weed.

Country: Australia

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours

Dialing codes: + 61 (Australia) Area code: 2