Strasbourg, France

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana and Hashish and any related action (buying, selling, growing, smoking), are a criminal offence imposing a penalty of two months to one year in jail in addition to a fine of 56 EUR to 1680 EUR.

Law Enforcement: Keep in mind that the police may arrest you for any soft drug related activity. They may also look away, but there are fair chances of getting into trouble. The courts are a bit more forgiving, and tend to release small amount private users with a warning.

At Place des Halles – The Police usually try to do a sweep of the dealers once every couple of months. The dealers will know if one of these is going in and will either be more discreet or lay low for a week or two.

Where to buy Marijuana in Strasbourg: Place des Halles, a shopping mall on Quai Kebler. Plenty of North Africans hanging around inside and outside, give one of them a smile and a nod and he’ll take you around a corner to sell you some hash.

Prices: 20 Euros for a stick of Morrocan hash. Occasional rip-offs trying to charge higher prices or sell fake hash (smell before you buy).