Stillwater, OK, Oklahoma

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possession of any amount of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail for the first offense and 2 – 10 years in prison for subsequent offenses. Conditional discharge is available to first time offenders.

Law Enforcement: If you’re smoking in your apartment, or preferably your house, you are very unlikely to be bothered. The police tend to be more active at night time and in party neighborhoods, more in effort to keep the peace and/or catch intoxicated drivers. Much more of a drinking town, and the young drunk college students attract a lot more attention from pigs than do quiet, paranoid pot smokers. In the daytime, they’re only looking for traffic violations. Best bet is to go down a country road and smoke if you insist on doing it in your car, and just drive the speed limit.

Where to buy marijuana: If you go on campus at OSU and look for hippie-looking individuals, usually in the lawns outside the Student Union (when weather permits) or by the art building near Eskimo Joe’s. The best bar to look for it is called “Stonewall Tavern” which is on this road called Knoblock. Another marijuana-friendly place is called “Hideaway Pizza”, the employees usually have dreads and all of them wear tie-dyed clothes, and after some rapport-building, they could point you in the right direction, at least. Everyone is really friendly in Stillwater as long as you are respectful enough to not be obvious about it. Another place is outside the local movie theatre on Perkins Rd. You have to buy your movie ticket outside, and you’ll often see stereotypical-looking stoners outside. The good stuff almost always has to come through an established connect.

Marijuana prices: Schwag: 3.5 g for $10, 7.0 g for $20, 14 g for $30-35, 28 g for $60-65 and up.

Mids/Beasters/Pretendies: 1.0 g for $10, 3.5 g for $30-35, 7.0 g for $55-65, 14 g for $100-115, 28 g for $190-225

KB/Exotics (varying in quality and price) 1.0 g for $20, 3.5 g for $60-75, 7.0 g for $120-145,14 g for $220-80, 28 g for $400-500 and up.

Brands: these vary because most of the bud in Stillwater comes from neighboring Tulsa and Oklahoma City (moreso OKC – cheaper price for same thing usually), or northern Texas and Colorado sometimes. I’ve seen grapefruit, juicy fruit, sour nyc diesel, Green Crack mmmmhmmm!

More Information: We only have one crappy head shop, called Mike’s (in downtown Stillwater), which sucks because that store is a joke of a head shop with cheap, breakable pieces for outrageous prices (someone please come end this monopoly!)