Sterling, VA, Virginia

Smoking tolerance level: 1-very illegal. Dont be in a parked car, STAY DRIVING! or just be real safe and stay indoors

Legislation: Any amount (first offense) misdemeanor 30 days $500

Any amount (subsequent offense) misdemeanor 1 year $2,500

Conditional release: The state allows conditional release or alternative or diversion sentencing for people facing their first prosecutions. Usually, conditional release lets a person opt for probation rather than trial. After successfully completing probation, the individual’s criminal record does not reflect the charge.

Law enforcement: You most likely will get charged for having even a stem in your car. 95% of Loudoun County sheriffs will charge you for the herb, in rare instances you MIGHT get lucky, highly unlikely , don’t count on it and just be safe when blazing in Sterling. Cops are dicks here

Where to buy marijuana: Sugarland Run(7-11, Dominion High School)

Sterling Park

NOVA(parking lot and outside the buildings)

Dulles Mall

TGIF(A restaurant known as Fridays, on route 7 one traffic light before the mall, you will usually find someone cool in there that knows where the fire is at)

Marijuana prices: Mids- $10 a g, $30 an 8th, $50 a quarter

KB- $20 a g, $50 an 8th, $100 a quarter

High Grade- $25-$30 a g, $60-65 an 8th , $110-$120 a quarter

Marijuana brands: Mids,KB,White Widow,Mango,Juicy Fruit,Headies(some high grade),Four Way,Train Wreck, and Sterling/Herndons FINEST grass would be Frankenstein a cross of 3 highly potent buds

More information: Marijuana is all over Loudoun County, in Sterling there is a large population of high school potheads ask around Dominion H.S around the time school gets out and you should find some near by. Anyone buying a Dutch from the 7-11 or High up in Sugarland should be able to direct you the right way. Just ask where the fires at. Some people might get paranoid but most folk should help out. Your best bet always is to go through someone you or your friend knows so you wont get ripped off. Having a scale can come in handy here because most idiots have a hard time eyeballing the green out. Also some idiots will try to sell you mids and claim its kb, just slap anyone you encounter that tries to do this…they deserve it. The community college (NOVA) is also a good spot to go looking, a lot of kids there that do smoke are pretty chill laid back folk that wont give you any problems when it comes down to the herb. You can also prowl Dulles Mall and might come out with a positive response.