St. Louis, MO, Missouri

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine up to $1,000. Possession of greater than 35 grams is a felony and is punishable by up to seven years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. Possession of greater than 30 kilograms is considered trafficking and the penalty is 5 – 15 years in prison. Possession of 100 kilograms or more carries a penalty of 10 years – life in prison.

Sale or manufacture of 5 grams or less of marijuana is a felony, punishable by up to seven years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. Sale of greater than 5 grams carries a penalty of 5 – 15 years in prison. Sale of greater than 30 kilograms is punishable by 10 years – life in prison and sale of 100 kilograms or more is punishable by 10 years – life in prison with no probation or parole.

Law Enforcement: only had one run-in. at mardi gras i was busted for drinking in public. the officers found 6 individually bagged sacks of 1 gram each, they took them and didnt charge me. i was surprised at this leniancy, but it was most likely because it was in the midst of the mardi gras parade.

Missouri has no medical laws and any amount above 35 grams is a felony. Unfortunately if one gets caught with any amount chances are you are going to get arrested.

Cops aren’t necesarily specifically looking for it, but if your caught with it you can face fines.

Another reporter added: “Cops in the south city are know where they sell pot on the streets. As far as I know there have been no uncover police operations. It’s always good to drive by and make the block before buying, this way you can see if theres a cop parked looking to make an arrest”

and also: “Cops in St. Louis have other things on their agenda if you are in the city limits. Friends of mine have been busted several times but let off with warnings. However, if you are busted in neighboring St. Louis County the cops will write you a citation or arrest you because they generally have less to do.”

Where to Buy Marijuana in St. Louis:

do NOT buy on or near grand and vista. although it is easy to score, you will only get either the worst weed you’ve ever smoked or the worst weed you’ve ever smoked mixed with oregano.

street dealers are unreliable if you want good herb, and not schwag. check st. louis university area. you will need to venture on campus and just ask stoner looking kids about “nugs.” most likely if you will get hooked up, they will have a friend just come out and meet you. the dealers on campus are usually rich, so it isn’t too shady. that being said it isnt EASY to score nugs, but if you ask around long enough, someone is bound to help you. watch out for the uniformed patrolling security on campus, but bear in mind you can usually out run them, but they can restrain you and call the real police. anywhere else in the city you look (besides WashU’s campus possibly) you will get ripped off, sold crack, or end up paying more than you should for mids.

The only open air market that sells everyday is off of Grand and Vista. The people there do not want to rip you off but just make a couple of sales. It’s real weed that varies in quality, usually just a bit of stems. Try to get there before dark, never after 11pm. You can typically get 3 bags for 25USD, each bag is about 2 grams. If you dont have 25USD you can buy one for 10USD or two for 20USD. Dont give them money unless they have it on them, those who really have it follow this rule as well and will not ask for upfront money…they’re nice, so be nice to them and they might hook it up.

another reporter added: “Mostly check college campus. South Downtown area (by St. Louis University) is a good starting place. Especially streets like Vista (off grand) Park (Also off grand). Beware however, as many also sell crack. The dealers will know what you are looking for and will wave you down. Becareful and politely refuse to let them in you car if they request. Typically they take no offense and make the transaction anyways. Some say you can get 4 grams for USD 5 from east St. Louis, IL (Directly across the river) However this is an extremely dangerous area where street signs are removed to confuse unsuspecting visitors and trap them.”

and Another reporter added: “Simple. Intersection of Grand and Vista. There is a Grand exit off hwy 40 and hwy 44. Go south if coming from 40, go north if coming from 44. Turn onto Park Ave, then make a left on Carr Ln. From there make a right onto Vista. Drive slow down Vista and look for people hanging out on their porch…they’ll know what you are looking for. It is up to you to decide to let them in if they ask. they usually just want you to drive around the corner and drop them off.”

and also: “A great place to buy high quality buds is in the Delmar Loop. This is the stoner’s paradise as there are three or four of the best headshops within walking distance from each other. If no one asks you if you want buds first, look for typical stoner-looking people and don’t be shy to ask, the locals here are very friendly. ”

and: ” Grand and Vista (I decided to try what was on the website already). I drove about 20-25 mph down Vista, and one of the first guys I saw, walking leisurely and talking on his phone, wove me down. He offered to sell me two bags for $50, claiming it was “purple,” I looked at it, and said “no thanks.” He then offered me 5 bags for $50. I accepted. The marijuana is great. It really is a strain of purple, and it was really cheap for the quality. Just know what you’re looking at and you won’t get ripped off!”

St. Louis Marijuana Prices:

8ths (3.5 grams) go for 60. however, for this price, you get accurate sacks, and usually 4 or 5 decent nugs in the sack. look closely, as some dealers have significantly better quality than others at the same price (you still arent getting ripped off, but if you find the right people, you can get some FIRE).

another reporter added: “Kind bud ranges from USD 50-60 for 3.5-4 grams. If you buy from downtown you will most likely get mid’s 10 per bag (bags can sometimes have as much as 3 grams.) If one is lucky you might get some straight up nuggets with no seeds or stems for same price.”

and Another reporter added: “$10 per bag, usually 2-3 gram in each bag. It’s true you can ask for 3 for $25, 4 for $35 ect. Just don’t let them know how much money you have.”

and also: “High quality buds usually go for $50-$60 an 1/8th. 1/4’s go for $100- $120. And 1/2’s usually go for $200. Ounces go for $300-$400 depending on who you know and how good it is. ”

St. Louis Marijuana Brands: strains that have been around are mazar, white widow, BBWW, sour diesel. unfortunately most nugs are usually just ‘unknown indoor.’

Many say they know the strain name of kind bud, but typically that is just a selling point. They kind bud is typically improperly dried/cured so it smokes kind of weird and often feels very moist. Schwag in the city typically better than schwag in St. Louis county. However you can often buy bricked out mexican weed in the surrounding counties for USD 50 an ounce, ask around in bars, nightclubs and those who looked stoned.

Another reporter added: “Typically it weed that’s definitely batty worthy, other times its better to roll a joint or blunt. Sometimes they do have KB and ask for reg prices, $50/8th, but will go down to $40. Always assume the bags are $10 ea. DON’T ASK FOR KIND BUD, YOU’LL OVER PAY for schwag.”

and also: “Some of the local high quality strains include Sour Diesel, White Widow,

AK-47, Varieties of Haze strains, Skunk, OrangeBud and lots of blueberry strains.”

More information: make sure you feel the nugs to ensure that they are dried enough/not too dry. e-mail me for specific questions.