St. Helier – Jersey, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Unlike England, Jersey has kept Cannabis on the list of Class B’s meaning that it is illegal to buy/sell/grow/posess in the Baliwick of Jersey with more severe penalties than the UK.

Law enforcement: Law enforcement in Jersey is rigid and overzealous. Posession over 1g will most likely result in arrest and court attendance. Those under the age of 18 are usually made to attend weeks of drugs councilling for just having a joint on them. Police are known to stop and search cars with little excuse, raid houses after finding a personal amount and assaults on well known smoking spots with undercover cars and police dogs are not uncommon on the weekends. Bringing anything through customs is generally a no-go as sniffer dogs and xray equipment are more than regularly used.

Where to buy marijuana: Take the ferry back to France or England ideally. Picking up without a local contact is notoriously hard, asking someone in town will most likely result in them running off with your money. The beaches are generally the safest place to score, lookout for people having a quiet spliff, they may have some to spare.

Marijuana prices: Due to it being a small island with impermeable customs, weed prices here are amoung the most expensive in the world.

Poor quality hash makes up the staple diet of Jersey stoners, £20 per 1/8 oz. If available an ounce may be sold for £130 – 160.

Occassionally a better quality, more sticky type of hash, referred to locally as Pollen will be available for £25 per 1/8 oz and £45-£50 on the 1/4 oz. Prices of up to £200 on the ounce are not unheard of.

Dark oily/squidgey hash is a rareity.

Skunk/green/weed is not available to the general public nor tourists. If present on the island it will most likely be someones little treat they or a friend has brought back. They will not be willing to part with it.

Brands: Hash is of the “soap-bar” variety. Better qualities are known locally as Pollen or Squidgy Black.

More information: Drug prices (and risks) here are 2x-3x more due to the wealth of the island and its geographical handicap, so if you are either indending to grow up/move/take a holiday here and want to take drugs be prepared for police tangles and light wallets. All this said, Jersey offers huge proffits for the would be smuggler or dealer, and extreme measures are often taken to bring drugs into the island. Last year, £500,000 worth of hash was parachuted from a plane onto the north of the island, the man who was supposed to pick it up, a Russian, was hospitalised with a broken leg as a result of crashing his car on his way to pick it up and duely comitted suicide by jumping out a hospital window. A few years before that a couple used a hollowed out dead baby in a smuggling attempt. This is quite dramatic for an island measuring 6 x 9 miles with a population of 90,000 and by tightening the grip of law enforcement, we see our civil liberties shrunk and people are forced t o desperate degrading acts. Free the Weed, Free Ourselfs.