Spartanburg, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Possession of under an oz(first offense): 30 days and a $100-$200 fine

Cultivation of less than 100 plants is a FELONY and up to 5 years

Paraphernalia is just (up to) a $500 civil citation

Law enforcement: Law enforcement in Spartanburg is very odd, but cool in a lot of ways about its enforcement. Smoking is possible on the west side, but do it while driving around on backroads. Cops patrol Blackstock and W.O. Ezell in marked and unmarked cars pretty fiercely on the west side pretty heavily. AVOID smoking in downtown at all costs. Spartanburg is trying to revitalize its downtown and will have no problem with busting a couple of potheads. Cop cars are everywhere in downtown Spartanburg. If you want to smoke, take Main Street out to the east side (coming from 26:just take WO Ezell, turn left onto W St John St, go through downtown, turn onto Main St, go all the way down to Fernwood Glendale Rd and turn right onto it-BP is across the street on your left from here). Continue to take Fernwood Glendale until you get to a stop-light near Mexico Lindo. Living in Spartanburg my whole life, I have only seen cop cars come out past this stop-light THREE times.

another reporter added:”There are two distinct sides to Spartanburg: West and East. West Side is more liberal and urbanized. Cops patrol WO Ezell and Blackstock Road heavily. Avoid smoking on the roads on the West Side. If you need to smoke in Spartanburg, drive to the East Side. Take WO Ezell to W St John St, then to E Main St. Take E Main St to Fernwood Glendale Rd, and drive on it all the way down, past the stoplight near Mexico Lindo. After living in Spartanburg practically my whole life, I have seen only seen cops out farther than here THREE times. ”

Where to buy marijuana: Eastside: There is a park called “Pill Hill” near Spartanburg High School; local HS/college students play ultimate frisbee during spring/summer on a daily basis. Play a game&talk to them and you can usually go a run and buy, if at least get smoked up. (Off of Woodburn Rd)

South-side: Camp Croft has some dealers around here, and heroin is readily available as well. Be sure to have a connection to get out here; usually safe to buy by yourself, but bring a friend just in case.

Downtown: Highland is Spartanburg’s local projects. All forms of drugs float in around here, and if you’re not black, you’re out of place. The cops know why you’re here if 1)you’re not back & 2)if you drive a somewhat decent car. Gunshots are common here, so watch yourself.


1)Una-Ask around at Ground Zero; usually people will sell to you, even perhaps smoke with you (staff as well). However, smoke either before you go, or during the shows, and don’t do it in the parking lot. Pigs pull people over for nothing and if you’re from out of state, will put a harsh eye to you.

2)USC Upstate:Just off of I-85, Upstate sells mids. You can walk onto campus and ask around; just don’t be sketch. Blend in, and you’ll be fine.

3)SMC-SMC’s dealers normally get their shit from somewhere else, but some on-campus dealers exist. Mostly mids is here, but you can find some good stuff as well, especially from students from Charleston/Hilton Head/Columbia. Just hang around the steps of Judd Hall, and wait for a cigarette smoker to come out. Talk to them about herb, and if they don’t have any, they DEFINITELY know someone who can hook you up.

another reporter added: “Eastside-Go to Pill Hill off of Woodburn Road during the spring/summer. SHS students will be playing ultimate frisbee; take up a game and ask them about it. They most definitely will hook you up.

Southside-Camp Croft normally has dealers, but watch yourself: the Laotians and Thais are very unfriendly, seeing as how they’re involved in the heroin trade. Don’t go unless you know the dealer or middleman really well.


1)Una-run down Hispanic ghetto near I-85. Cops sometimes come through here, but not too many worries. Decent weed out here.

2)Upstate-be sure to have a hookup going to buy out here; good stuff is available, but only if you have a contact. You’re looking to buy mids or higher out here.

3)SMC-SMC is right off of WO Ezell. Drive on to campus(only if you’re college-age-looking) and wait outside Judd Hall. Various smokers will smoke cigarettes out here. Be sure to ask one of them; they definitely know at least 1 dealer on campus. Usual stuff sold varies from SHIT to decent KB. Schwag is usually bought within Spartanburg, though mids are available, and KB can be bought from a Columbia/Charleston/Hilton Head-dealer.”

Marijuana prices: Shwag:

$20-$30/half oz



$25-$30/quarter oz

$45-$60/half oz




$65/eigth oz

I never bought more than an eigth of KB, so I don’t know the higher prices.

Marijuana brands: Shwag, Mids, Purple Haze, Strawberry&Orange Kush

More information: As much as Spartanburg sucks, it’s an amazing marijuana town. If you’re looking for a good time, go to Pill Hill in spring/summer, or go to Judd Hall on SMC’s campus during any season, talk to students. Buy your shit on the west-side and smoke on the east-side. There’s a nice neighborhood you can ride around/walk around and smoke near Lamb of God Luthern Church on Fernwood Glendale Road. If you MUST smoke on the west side, turn onto the street RIGHT before Miracle Hill Mission House on W. St.John Street. Go over the bridge, and bare to the left of the building that they are constructing on. You can get lost around here, so be chill; sometimes there are cops, but they are more concerned with the prostitutes than weed. AVOID DOWNTOWN POT SMOKING AT ALL COSTS. And finally, scout out before you buy anything. Ask multiple people for multiple prices, and of course, be in front of the dealer when you’re buying. Local middlemen will pinch a di mebag from a quarter and claim that the dealer gave it to them, or won’t even tell you that they pinched. Watch the dealer weigh it out, and be sure you weigh it out; (s)he won’t be offended.


Local Headshops-The Magic Dragon(west side)&Smoker’s Edge(down-town-ish)

and some More information: Watch your shit in Spartanburg; East Side is safer to smoke on; Make sure have the bag weighed in front of you-it’s common courtesy to weigh it yourself as well. Avoid middlemen, especially from SMC. Fuck middlemen.