Southport, NC, North Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.75

Legislation: Possession of one half ounce or less is punishable by up to 30 days in jail, most likely suspended. Possession of greater than one half ounce is punishable by 1 – 120 days in jail, with a possibility of community service or probation in lieu of jail. Possession greater than 1.5 ounces increases the penalties to 8 – 13 months in jail.

Penalties for sale, delivery or manufacture are increased if the sale occurs within 300 feet of a school zone if the offender is over 21 and if the sale was made to a minor or to a pregnant woman.

The state allows conditional release or alternative or diversion sentencing for people facing their first prosecutions. Usually, conditional release lets a person opt for probation rather than trial. After successfully completing probation, the individual’s criminal record does not reflect the charge.

Law enforcement: Small 12 man police force. Some of them probably smoke it and the others have no clue what to look for. Most do not even care unless you do it in the patrol car. Most are old geezers or just “green as grass” rookies. This town is the “smugglers paradise.”

Where to buy marijuana: The waterfront pier where all the fishing boats dock. City park downtown. Most of the small restaurants at night.

Southport marijuana prices: $30- $50 for a 1/4 bag.

POUNDS are $180- $200

Brands: Canadian, Mexican, Even score some stuff from the Netherlands.