General Warning:Generally speaking, it’s really not worth it to smoke in Singapore. Even if you smoke you will not be stoned because of the paranoia level.

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Singapore is one of the strictest countries in the World. Marijuana is illegal in Singapore, and so is ANY related action.

Law enforcement: Trafficking in more than 500 gm of cannabis = Death.

Possession or consumption of cannabis – up to $20,000 fine or 10 years imprisonment or both

Although for foreigners the cops usually lets them go especially if you’re white. Cops are not very smart in Singapore, it’s the Central Narcotics Bureau that you have to actually worry about. It’s not easy to get caught cause most cops don’t know high from drunk so as long as you’re not STUPID, and smoke only indoors or if outdoors, find a place where people rarely go to with multiple escape routes and you should be fine. If cops or guards harrass you but they don’t catch you smoking or actually see any weed don’t bother about them they can’t touch you without evidence.

As a local newspaper said: “…Should the three others be charged and found guilty of trafficking in a controlled drug, they could be sentenced to death if the cannabis, after chemical analysis, weighs more than 500g. If not, they can be jailed for up to 20 years and caned 15 strokes.” Copyright @ 2004 Singapore Press Holdings. All rights reserved.

Where to buy marijuana in Singapore: Drugs in Singapore is one of the hardest things to find. There’s not really one spot that you can hang out on where you can find someone to get buddha from. You have to remember Singapore is one of the strictest countries in the world! However, if you’re really desperate, look around Claymore Hill, Orchard Towers, or Forum Gelaria Shopping Mall. You usually see a lot of young kids under the influence. Try wearing clothes that are marijuana related eg pictures of weed leaves etc.

Singapore Marijuana prices: It really varies.

People usually buy in 50s, which is the minimum amount you can purchase most of the time.

S$50 (approx. 31 US Dollars) – 3 to 5 grams depending on connections.

Brands: There aren’t many pot heads in Singapore and most just smoke shwag which is really sad.

However with the right connections you can get some home grown.

Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, White Widow, Purple Haze, Skunk, etc.

More information: Most of the weed you’ll be able to find in Singapore comes from Thailand or Malaysia. Again grade varies but the good thing is prices stay the same whatever the grade or brand. However it is really hard to find some home grown unless you know people there, and I’m too smart to put my contact on this list, lol…

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4 Responses to “Singapore, Singapore”

  1. MOB

    C’mon! You can’t be serious Abt home grown strains! I really wouldn’t believe you man.. But really nice post.. You’ve highlighted the good and the bad. SG is just mad when it comes to grass. Classified amongst the highest categories, with coke being in the second category. SMH.

  2. da

    Rubbish, whether you are whitem black, grey or green you are going to get arrested. Don’t put out this rubbish and NO!! there is no where in Singapore you can get weed, even if someone does smoke, no one other then his best mates known about this, so forget about getting it on the street. God-damn it, don’t put out this rubbish.

  3. bAboom

    500 Grams = Death

    Arrested 1st time without possession = 6 – 9 months prison followed by 5 – 6 months leg tagging and then put on 2 years Urine probation.(Same for possession with for own use)

    Singapore has a Zero-Tolerance for Drug consumption and Marijuana is a Class-A drug here.

    You cannot get marijuana on the streets, Don’t waste time going up to some random person on the streets on bar and asking for Weed(Between all drugs used in Singapore, Marijuana is the least consumed), Paranoid level is very high here, so everything is very hush hush, there is no place to go and there is no typical type of people you walk up to and ask.

    Forget about looking for pot in Singapore. Only people who know people get weed.

    The about article states that Cops would let you off if you are white is plain rubbish, Singapore cops go by the book and everyone and anyone regardless of his skin color or who is connected to, gets arrested if they commit a crime. Period.

    Forget about looking for Marijuana in Singapore.


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