Silkeborg, Denmark

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: It is illegal to posess, buy, and sell, but not illegal to be under the influence of it.

Law enforcement: The Police are generally accepting smokers, a friend of mine was tokin’ on the town square with a chillum, when the police chief came over and asked them to use a normal pipe instead of the Chillum.

He didn’t mind the wacky tobacky, but he did mind the unlawfulnes showing 😉

In generel, you can toke anywhere, but if you don’t want paranoia, find a secluded place to fire up 😉

Where to buy marijuana: Well, if you take a walk down the partystreet, Nygade, and hook up with some young people, your chance to score some weed or hash is pretty good.

Avoid the 3 undercover cops that are patrolling (very easy to spot)

Marijuana prices: 50 kr. (10$) for a gram of hash on the street. – Normal price in Denmark.

and about 80 kr. (about 15$) for weed (skunk)

Marijuana brands: You can be lucky to sind such brands as Marlboro, B-52, and Red Lebanon, but it’s rare.

The stuff is good nomatter the brand though.

More information: Silkeborg is known as an “open city ” in the underworld, which means that you can get alot of different smoke from different sources.