Schaumburg, IL, Illinois

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Same as all of Illinois MJ is illegal and the standard rules apply, the penalty to watch out for is possesion of over 3.5g and a scale or baggies, cops will hit you with intent to deal

Law enforcement: Average, not particulary observant or prevalent but stay off the main streets at night, namely Biesterfield/Wise, Plum Grove, Schaumburg and Roselle. If you do get stopped be polite and it’s possible the Police will just dump or take your weed and pieces.

Where to buy marijuana: It’s tough to buy in Schaumburg without having a hookup. However, If you can convince young adults seen smoking that you are not police they will most likely be willing to hook you up. The only other options are to try to get some at a local bar such as the Alumni Club or Bamboo Room, or cruise around for a house party. Beware the bars though Undercover Cops are frequent visitors.

Marijuana prices: 25-30 USD for Regs (1/8th) 50-60 USD for Hydro (1/8th)

Marijuana brands: Dro is by far the most prevalent type of weed in Schaumburg and most of the weed will be of good quality. It is also possible to get Regs but this is a good deal harder to find because there is not much demand for it. Occasionally some Blueberry, White Widow, and Hawiian Gold will be around but don’t expect to get any without a good hookup.

More information: Schaumburg isn’t a bad place to smoke and the best way to do it is to roll around the many neighborhoods and side streets in a car. Also walking around on the streets is pretty low risk. Without a hookup getting weed is tough but possible; but I recommend finding a friend or acquaintance who can get you a number.