Sante Monica, CA, California

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.9

Legislation: Proposition 215 in California since July 19, 2002, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1995, legalizes medical Marijuana use: “The possession and cultivation of marijuana is no more criminal — so long as (the law’s) conditions are satisfied — than the possession and acquisition of any prescription drug with a physician’s prescription.” CA Chief Justice Ronald George.

Possession of 28.5 grams or less of marijuana is not an arrestable offense. As long as the offender can provide sufficient identification and promises to appear in court, the officer will not arrest the offender. Upon conviction of the misdemeanor charge the offender is subject to a fine of $100. Possession of greater than 28.5 grams is punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $500.

The State of California has made it legal to carry up to an ounce on your person IF you have received a “prescription” from a doctor. This “prescription” allows you to get a “Cannabis card” which you can use to purchase marijuana from “Cannabis Clubs” (a physical establishment you can buy marijuana from with a card). Also, possesion of marijuana in the State of California is only a misdemeanor offense and is removed from your record after only 2 years (misdemeanor only applies if there is no intent to sell).

if you live in california and travel alot, just get a club card so you don’t have to worry and smoke in peace. if you have the extra cash for it, the peace of mind is worth every penny

Law enforcement: I was warned to look out for undercovers but personally didn’t encounter any problems. Just use common sense and don’t smoke in front of cops.

Where to buy marijuana: I was at the beach near the local junior college. Real easy. I was told that at Venice Beach, people smoke openly at times and it’s not too hard to find someone. Just walk around the beach. My hook was openly showing a catalogue of glass pipes. He was talking to someone so I walked up and hung out nearby. Sure enough, after he was done talking to the other person, he came right over asking me if i wanted any pipes. I just told him I was more interested in the stuff people use pipes for. He asked me if I was a cop and 5 minutes later we were in a bathroom stall checking out his products. Also had some amazing pipes that he claimed were made by him. Great guy, even warned me to never give my money in advance, but that’s a no brainer.

Marijuana prices: 1.0-1.4 for $20

Marijuana brands: everything? haha…


white widow

purple kush

grape ape