San Juan, Puerto Rico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Smoking weed or any related activity is illegal. But if you’re not a local you really shouldn’t worry as long as your not smoking a blunt in front of the cops.

It is fairly easy to get away with stuff here. Just don’t smoke near the police and you will be ok.

Law Enforcement: If they catch you they can arrest you, but usually there are ways to talk yourself out of the problem and foreigners can just speak their language pretending they don’t know what’s going on.

Where to buy marijuana in San Juan, Puerto Rico : Our Latest Report Tells Us “You can go to el Viejo San Juan and go to La Perla. In La Perla, you RARELY see any police. And when you go down there, the people will shout to you “weed, coke…” as if it was legal. They sell from shwagg to “creepy” which is like skunk… Another place to go is any local headshop, and discreetly ask the guy for weed and tell him you are a tourist. But for the really good stuff (kush, haze and more), you need to know someone that knows his stuff or somebody.”

The availability is almost ubiquitous in any part of San Juan. In old San Juan you can ask most of the teens to take you to La Perla to get some bud, most of them toke up and would be happy to help.

If you speak Spanish just ask where you can get some in any “comunidad especial”. The only way of not getting bud in P.R. is if you don’t ask, don’t be scared stoners are everywhere and are happy to help.

another reporter added: “After arriving at the airport, and taking the car rental shuttle to rental agency, I asked the driver if he knew of any place I could score some bud. He said he did, got my phone number and called me up a couple of hours later, and had his friend drive over to the cruiseship departure area and delivered some buds to me! It did help that the first guy-young Puerto Rican guy, had a pot leaf charm on his necklace ”

Brands: Varies depending on the season

Marijuana Prices:

(23/04/09)Shwagg: $10 for about 3 or 4 grams

– Good Bud (SKUNKish) (localy named “creepy”): $20 for 1 gram

– VERY good stuff (haze, kush, etc…): $20 for around .7g


– regs – $6 or $7 a gram

– 1/4 of reg (about 4 or 5 fat blunts)-$25

– Creepy (very good bud)-$11-20 a gram

Another reporter added: “I think if memory serves me right (this was last year), I paid something like $50.00 bucks for some good locally grown PR buds. Worked well, and I was happy.”

Marijuana brands: From shwagg, to kush, strawberry cough, white rhino and more! You just got to know the right people.

More information: Your best bet is to go to La Perla and buy something there. The downside is that because the police rarely never goes down there, they are almost everyday in the only entry/exit of the place checking for whatever enters and goes out. So if you are going out with, lets say, an 1/8 of weed, you better stick it in your butt-chicks so that the police cant find it if they, for some reason, check you.

There is a very permissive attitude toward weed even though the establishment might want you to think otherwise.

They don’t sell rolling papers ANYWHERE in PR, all blunt or blunt rolling tubes. So, if you go, and you do score, bring your own papers with you. Most everyone I ran into, was willing to help me score some bud. Very easy to find.

Country: Perto Rico

time zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours

Dialing codes: + 1 Area code: 787