San Jose, CA, California

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Pot is approved for medical use, which makes the legal status vague. Still, it is safe to keep your weed safely hidden.

Though civic leglislation follows the state’s 215 decision, there are no dispensaries in san jose. I think that at this point it is still illegal for dispensaries to be in the santa clara county.

Law Enforcement: Police usually will hassle you if you are caught, and if you are under 18, they will probably dump your bag, and threaten to take you away to scare you. But no one gets caught if you smoke.When caught with Marijuana, you will always be busted for one night. If you were carrying small amounts of pot for personal use (under 28.5 gr.), you will be released by morning, and later fined $100.

a recent report added: “100 dollar fine, thats all. However if you are caught near a school ground and/or with more than and ounce you may have to face more than 30 but less than 120 days in jail.”

Where to Buy Marijuana in San Jose: When buying in San Jose, It is better not to refer to Marijuana as Weed, but as Chronic or Pot. In the small communities (usually the wealthier ones such as Almaden Valley or Morgan Hill), the local teenagers are extremely helpful and will point you in the right direction. The dealers usually are down by creeks, trails and parks and have a variety of options. Although the dealers usually don’t hurt you, it is better to go with a friend who knows his Weed to tell you if you’re getting the right deal. Purple is the most popular.

another report we have is: “Saint James park – is home too homeless people sleeping on benches, street urchans lounging on the green grass smoking weed, and where people urinate in public; it is in the heart of downtown. This is a hotspot too buy Marijuana and Crack Cocaine. However becareful whom you talk too, because undercover police patrol the area on bikes.

PocoWay Apts – Wherever there is gang activity always drugs are present. In and around the apartments on a friday evening is where you will find weed. Please remember not to wear neither blue or red garb; since it corners the citys most notorious crime ridden intersection: King and Story.

Willow and Almaden – illegal aliens hangout in this street corner for whatever reason. If your looking too buy weed, you’ll find it..

Downtown – Just as you exit the lightrail, suddently jump off fountain alley also the backstreets near Santa Clara and first street. Alot of Blacks and Homeless pretend too wait for the bus, but peddle crack and weed in the area. Be careful, and always be accompanied with an friend.”

San Jose Marijuana Prices:

Standard price anywhere 50 for 3.5 and 90 for 7 grams. cold water Hash runs anywhere from 15 for a .5 gram to 60 for 3.5 grams. Any of the others are priced to serve demand.

five shot – 5$

dime – 10$

dub – 20$

eighth – 60$

Ounce – 300$

Brands: Name something! Actually some of the notable ones include Purple, trainwreck, white widow, snow cap, blueberry, ak47, god’s gift, fruity pebbles, grapefruit, lavender purple, silver haze, sensi star, romulan, diesel, afgani kush and countless others.

Trainwreck, Chronic, Purple Kush, Stress, Shwag, Ak47

More information: Marijuana laws are exremly harsh. Openair dealing was common in the early 90s. But because of harsh laws, it is not so. San Jose is strict when it comes too drugs. The california three strikes law prosecutes three times arrest equals life in prision. Be careful who you smoke with better yet whom you associate with.

General Calfornia Information:

Legislation: In California since 1996’s Prop 215 anyone “recommended” (not prescribed—doctors nationwide can’t prescribe cannabis but they can under freedom of speech laws recommend it informally for your condition/illness) marijuana has been able to use it in their home legally now in quantities “Under the [statewide] guidelines, qualified patients and/or their primary caregivers may possess no more than eight ounces of dried marijuana and/or six mature (or 12 immature) marijuana plants. However, S.B. 420 allows patients to possess larger amounts of marijuana when such quantities are recommended by a physician. The legislation also allows counties and municipalities to approve and/or maintain local ordinances permitting patients to possess larger quantities of medicinal pot than allowed under the new state guidelines. [For detailed information on county or municipal medical marijuana guidelines [whether your area allows greater than 8 ounces to be possessed, etc.], please visit: Oakland, for example, allows more than most counties]”

Thus if you are recommended cannabis you can visit the cannabis dispensaries (pharmacies supplying only medical marijuana to patients displaying proof of recommendation and residence in California) but some counties have banned the dispensaries in their area. Nonetheless there are many dispensaries in LA (over 100) and some in Northern California especially towards the coast. Or you can grow the applicable amount you want legally. If a police officer discovers you are in possession of cannabis showing them an ID card from your county will make them leave you alone faster (optional, costs over $100 a year). Under state law your marijuana use will be 100% legal in your home. Federal laws against medical marijuana don’t change the way California (or any other) state police officers and courts treat medical marijuana—only state laws do. California state law protects all doctor-recommended medical marijuana users as long as they don’t go over the quantity limits and don

‘t sell their cannabis to anyone. Thus medical marijuana is quite legal in California and many have gotten legal protection for their medical use for a wide variety of conditions not yet allowed in the other 11 medical marijuana states: e.g., Migraine, Arthritis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), PMS, Severe Anxiety and many other conditions where marijuana is useful and effective.

source: and [California and National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws] and [Marijuana Policy Project]

Law enforcement: Medical marijuana users with doctor recommendations are fully legally protected in California for amounts up to at least 8 ounces and/or 6 mature (or 12 immature) plants in their home (certain counties listed here allow more and certain conditions allow larger quantities sometimes). State police officers must not arrest you if you can show an identification card ($100 or so per year) or show your doctor-written proof of recommendation paper. As long as you keep within the legal quantity. 99% of marijuana arrests in the USA are done by state police officers according to so as long as your medical marijuana use is legal in California you will not to have any problems as long as you follow state rules.

Where to buy marijuana: Medical users can buy at a dispensary (over 150 in the state, mostly in LA and the SF Bay area on the coast) with full legal protection to the quantities they are allowed. Also if an authorized medical user buys off the street they cannot be arrested for doing so as long as they can display a medical marijuana identification card ($100 or so a year) or show their written doctor’s proof of recommendation. Or they could grow their own to the amounts allowed.

More information: California is a pioneering medical marijuana state; the first “effective” American medical marijuana state since 1996 and the one that allows use for the most conditions (marijuana has shown anecdotal and scientifically proven results for many conditions, more than the 4 or 5 conditions (cancer/nasuea/chemotherapy side effects, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, glaucoma, or MS or anorexia that the other 11 states have legalized use when recommended (though Maryland has the least protection according to Plus California has decriminalized other marijuana use to a $100 fine for under an ounce possession and fines for paraphrenalia; no jail time and some cities have set marijuana use in general as the lowest law enforcement priority thus ignoring small time possession much more often.