Samara, Costra Rica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Costa Rica, and so is any related action.

Members of the Public Security Ministry’s Special Support Police (PAE), also known as the “Mountain Police,” search for and manually destroy marijuana fields in the mountainous regions of northern and southern Costa Rica.

Law enforcement: There is one police station in Samara with only a few officers. It is located right near the main entrance to the beach. The police looked content sitting outside all day doing nothing, and did not seem to be on the lookout for stoner tourists.

Where to buy marijuana in Samara: Right at the entrance to the beach you are bound to find some surfers or rastas that are willing to point you in the right direction or offer you some on the spot. Walk away from the police station along the beach and you will also find a discotech which is generally pretty busy on the right nights, and a seaside bar with a few pool tables. Hang out here at night and you will definitely be offered weed by more than a few people.

Samara marijuana prices: 30-40= 1/2 oz. 60-80= 1 oz

More Information: The weed is nothing special, comparable to most central american weed. It was brick packed, slightly strings/stemy, kinda wet, and dark green in color.