Rome, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal, but is tolerated for personal useage. A new law may be passed allowing up to 5 grams of any drug for personal usage

Law enforcement: Cops are very relaxed in italy. They will aproach you if you are smoking in their face, but as long as you’re in a crowded piazza, or in your home, they don’t care at all. They are too busy flirting with girls and smoking cigarettes.

Where to buy marijuana in Rome: Definitely not campo!!!! That is a good place to score bad stuff.

Santa Maria in Trastevere, and the bar “san Calisto” close bye. look for pierced homeless types, and make eye contact. Remember that they will hook you up, if you pay more.

also, if you go to termini station and walk the streets near by. Find a few moroccans. Many of them have family/friends who dealers. They can give great deals for bigger purchaces.

another reporter added: “San Lorenzo, kind of a student district i suppose. just walk around and keep your eyes open. albanians mostly, shaved head, some tattoed and scary looking, …

otherwise ask for a place called “trenta-due” (=32) just opposite of the “trenta-tre” (33 i suppose). alternative place, just ask someone, smoking is socially accepted there. be careful though – and nice… ”

Rome marijuana prices: Hashish is about 10 euros a gram, but a 10 euro piece ranges from .7 -1.5 grams.

20 euros – 2-3 grams

50 euros – 6-12 grams

100 euros – 30-50 grams (look for morrocans for good deals)

weed is not totally worth buying, but it’s actually the same price or slightly cheaper

Strains: mostly moroccan hash, but sometimes good zero zero first press kinds of stuff. Also napal, and black afghani too.

Weed is usually homegrown crap, but sometimes I find really nice orenge bud. Well dried and cured.

More information: I have lived here a year now. I recommend making friends, and learning a tiny bit of italian. if you buy only from the streets it might not be good, but if you get to konw a guy, he can hook you up with what he is smoking.

City Report

An amazing blend of the incredibly ancient and the cutting edge, Rome leaves travellers torn between getting up early in the morning to attempt to see it all or spare some energy for the roaring nightlife. With mid-range drug laws and plenty of supply, tokers can look forward to an excellent selection of bud surrounded by some of the most stunning views and ancient history in Europe.

Olives, grapes and other fruits and vegetables prosper in Italy’s balmy climate — as does high-quality ganga.

Cultivated all across the countryside – in apartments, greenhouses and in the south, massive

plantations surrounded by sunflowers — marijuana is easily available, as is imported hash. And locals are partaking along with the tourists. Marco Cappato, a member of the Italian branch of The Transnational Radical Party, estimates up to 7 million Italians smoke pot.

“Italy has a one year mandatory draft and it is common knowledge that an overwhelming majority of the soldiers smoke joints,¨ he said.

Pot — and hemp — are also part of Rome’s lengthy history along with the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and Circus Maximus. Hemp ropes and sails were used by Roman ships, Lucilius described its uses in 120 B.C, followed by Pliny the Elder documenting hemp’s preparation and different grades in the first century A.D. Police may not view pot smoking in quite the same historical perspective, however. According to the Ministry of Health, personal possession has been decriminalized, but if you are caught smoking or in possession of pot or hash you can lose your passport. According to marijuana legalization group NORML, even these penalties are rarely enforced by the Rome police these days.

Distributors — even those giving smokables away for free — do face jail time, however.

Not surprisingly, the Vatican is virulently anti-drug use.

“Drug laws should not be liberalized,” said Cardinal Silvano Piovanelli. Not smoking up in Vatican-controlled areas is a good idea.

If you are looking for some bud, there are several places in Rome you can head for a hook-up.

The Spanish Stairs are a highly recommended buying spot, according to Joe from Seattle.

The intricate staircase — a wildly popular tourist hangout, with tourist prices on everything – leads from Piazza di Spangna to the Irinita dei Monti church, is close to the Spagna metro stop. Circus Maximus — once an arena that could seat 300,000 for thrilling chariot races — is another excellent choice for smokers looking for a little green.

“At night, drunk and armed only with a map which appeared to be ripped at every important intersection, we quickly got lost and ended up at the Circus Maximus,” said Tomva from Seattle. “It’s a large field populated, nocturnally at least, by Rome’s pot-smoking community, and their faithful dogs.” The closest metro to Circus Maximus is Circo Massimo, but a variety of busses run to the area as well. Other travellers have found that hooking up with a dealer at their hostel or in a pub is the easiest way to get hash or pot.

“One of the guys we met last night while we were drinking and smoking hash in this really cool old Roman cellar — that seems to be a couple thousand years old — deals pot, too,” said Peter, a DJ from the Eastern Seaboard in the United States. “I knew he was hip!”

While dealers can probably be found in the main train station Termini, buying there is a good way to get ripped off, robbed or hurt — the station has a reputation as being one of the least safe in Europe. Prices, depending on where you buy, run about $10 USD per gram for pot and $20 for a gram of hash. Costs can vary widely depending if you’re buying at the Spanish

Steps or from a local in a pub.

The lure of the Roman god of wine — Bacchus, who encouraged out of control revelry but never got drunk himself — is hard to resist.

While many travellers buy cheap wine or beer at a local supermarket and take it back to their hostel or hotel, there are still plenty of places to head out to and booze it up.

Don’t overlook nearby restaurants. Many have cheaply-priced but drinkable Chianti on the menu and the distance to stumble home is shorter. If the club scene is what you are looking for, there are plenty of options as well. Door policies are typical — it is easier for women to get in than men, and dress codes are average. The party usually gets going around midnight, so don’t bother showing up earlier.

Two clubs that rate rave reviews are Alpheus (Via del Commercio 36) and Goa (Via Libetta 13). Alpheus is one of the largest clubs in Rome, hosting Muccassasina or cow killer, parties on Friday nights, with music ranging from the ‘80s to commercial.

Metro stop Pyramide is the easiest way to get there on public transportation. More earthy is Goa near metro stop Garbatella. A thatched roof and burning tiki torches set the mood for a young, trendy crowd. Don’t go in your thigh-high latex boots with the ultra-mini — you may stand out.

Getting stoned or drunk in Rome requires a little bit of caution, since a virtual army of thieves and pickpockets are constantly working the city. Make sure bags with valuables — including pipe and goods — are in front of you and leave documents like passports and tickets in hotel or hostel safes.

Be prepared to put up with a little handling as well. According to one hostel staff, both sexes should expect getting felt up or “getting penised” on crowded buses and metro cars.

The staff member’s suggestions are simple: “No problem. Try to turn around, stare them in the eye, and loudly say one of the phrases below — non mi toccare! (NON ME TOKE-CAR-RAY: don’t touch me) or hai un piccolissimo cazzo (EYE UN PEEK-COAL-LEASE-EE-MOW CA-TZO: you have a very small dick.)