Rochester, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5 in city, 2 in suburbs

Legislation: The penalty for possession of a small amount (less than 42.5 grams) of marijuana is a fine of up to $200 and possible requirement of drug education. Possession of 42.5 grams or more of marijuana is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. Possession of 10 kilograms or more of marijuana increases the penalty to a fine up to $250,000 and up to 20 years in prison. Possession of 50 kilograms or more is punishable by up to 25 years in prison and a fine up to $500,000. For any possession of 100 kilograms or more, the penalty is up to 30 years in prison and a fine up to $1,000,000.

Possession of greater than 1.4 grams in a motor vehicle (except in the trunk) is punishable by up to one year in prison.

Driver’s licenses can be suspended for 30 days if the offense was committed while driving a motor vehicle.

Conditional discharge is a possibility for first time offenders.

Law enforcement: There are alot of cops in Rochester, but they arn’t out to get teenagers and they don’t really care about pot-heads more junkies and people who are selling. Plenty of my friends and i have gotten possession tickets over the years but you are more and likely to just get it confiscated if it’s not a large amount and if you are just honest with the PoPo. At the same time some of my best friends moms and dads were cops and i smoked in front of them alot. Rochester is a 4 on the illegal to legal scale so it’s alright, you can smoke joints and blunts in parks but don’t do it every day.

Usually, cops will just make you break your pipe and grind your weed/blunt into the ground with your shoe, but don’t push your luck. Parks are fine to puff at, but use discretion. Don’t look guilty and you won’t have a problem. The police here are very good at reading people, because they’ve seen it all. They have more serious problems to deal with than marijuana, so they get pissed when you waste their time with stupidity.

also: “Police in Rochester usually won’t bother you for a small amount of pot. It is not uncommon to see people smoking blunts and joints on the streets of downtown and especially up in the ghetto areas. Typically when a cop does bust someone with weed they tend to just write citation tickets and send you on your way. Usually the only time you will get busted is if they see you purchase it and decide to be assholes about it. Overall the city of Rochester is pretty tolerant to marijuana possession and most cops have way too much crime on their hands to worry about someone smoking a blunt on their street. However the business area is a new target for cops because the city is in the process of fighting crime with a new mayor. As long as you are not obviously doing something wrong chances are good that police will leave you alone.”

another reporter added: “not too bad… there’s many smaller suburbs of Rochester. Henrietta is where all the cool folks hang. ; ) Brighton has mad cops… so does Pittsford and Fairport – the rich neighborhoods;. same with middle/upper areas of the city. cops aplenty. ‘specially near the end of the month, for some reason.

still, in Henrietta/city side streets/suburbs, it’s chill.

some cops are mad chill too, and just let you go. or just break your pipe, take the weed, and let you go.”

Where to buy marijuana in Rochester: “There are alot of places to buy weed, but really you just have to know the right people. If you are desperate to for weed and you don’t know anyone you could probably score a bag, by asking some friendly people by Kutzkey Park which is down town and there are alot of Alchohalics that hang out down there. You could also score a bag at this tattoo store on Broadway, but you might get ripped off. If you know the right people everything should be alright, i’ve lived here my whole life so i wouldn’t know how to find a bag if i didn’t live here but that should help.”

“anywhere….herb is quite plentiful here! but try to stay out of the suburbs if you can. The local police forces in the suburbs have a bit less crime, so they occasionally take out their boredom on the more minor crimes. Lots of colleges are in Rochester: MCC, SUNY Brockport, U of R, RIT, etc…..walk around a campus and you’ll have no problem. There’s literally hundreds of dime spots throughout the city as well.

Rochester has some notorious drug markets throughout the city. Finding weed is not hard in this city and sometimes happens when you aren’t even looking for any. Typically swag is what is sold in most neighborhoods, to get some good bud u could try asking some college students or stoner looking kids in the Monroe avenue area(very upscale and safe) or you can usually just find some fresh swag if u know some good spots in the hood. If you are new to the city your best bet is to just walk up north Clinton avenue up towards avenue A or avenue D, any of the side streets off of Clinton will probably have it and if you are white you won’t have to ask them because they will spot you and meet you halfway. If you do choose this route you are probably best consulting someone who knows the area.

Rochester can be a very dangerous city!, watch out for people following you or begging for money, do not make eye contact with them and walk like you have a purpose. Second never, never go to the hood at night, if you are going to buy some schwag off of Clinton you are smart to go during daylight hours(preferably morning because its early and most the thugs are still sleeping and many cops have not started patrol yet) If you are really desperate then just ask someone who looks like they toke. people on the street can always direct you for anything, just use good judgment, watch for cops and you should be fine.”

another reporter added: “people at the city will come up to your car window if you’re dressed right and driving in the right place… figure it out for yourself.”

A local say “In the city go to Clifford. Trust me.”

Rochester marijuana prices: In Rochester there is no Schwag, merk, or mecca (there is no bad weed in Rochester but no amazingly good weed either) so prices are 10-dime 25-half eighth 40-50- eighth 140-Half oz 280-300-Oz (bistro Prices) everything else is 15-dime 30-Half eighth 60-70-eighth 165-170- Halfoz 300-320-Oz

One good thing about Rochester is most dealers hook you up and will sell dimes some dealers even give 1.1 or 1.2 for dimes (makes a decent blunt)

$35-45 an eighth for some bomb nugs. $10 dimes, but most people will do 2 for $15. btw..don’t ask for “a dime” from just anyone because you’ll probably end up buying crack.

also: “schwag- dimes $10 1/4 oz $25-35 1/2 oz $50-60 1 ounce $70-115(depending on quality and location of the sale)

beasters- this can be purchased in $20, $40, $60 size bags but you can usually only get it through private connections or if you get lucky they might have some in the hood

purple(rare but your best bet is to try the hood)- $20 will buy you only enough for 2 bowls”

another reporter added: “varies a lot…

so many choices and varieties and # of dealers.

some deals:


a fat (very generous) 1/4 oz. for $40.

1 gram for $5.

$25 1/8ths.


1.7g $10 bags.

2g $10 bags.

7.2g $40.

$.8g $10.


.7g $10.

1.7g $20

3.5g $40.

amazing headies:

1g $20.”

Brands: Alright all the weed that comes to Rochester, comes from Minneapolis or sometimes Canada, So here is Roch-towns Brands: High quality Bistro (most common), Headies, Green Crack, BC (Rarely), Purple Haze (good but not worth the money)

many varieties of blueberry, some kush.

cotton candy shows up in the spring.

mostly commercial stuff… but pretty strong mids.

most people got some dro and some shwag/mids on em at the same time. you got ur choice.

More information: Rochester is a beautiful city with many wonderful cultural events, Rochester is a friendly city for the most part but the importance of precaution cannot be underestimated. Rochester has around 50 murders a year, for the size of the city that makes it number one murder rate per capita in New York state. You need to stay alert when on foot, do not give to panhandlers and ignore people on the street who try to get you to fall for their schemes(ex. card games, solid gold chains for 60 dollars, rolex watches for $200) these are all scams. Other than that enjoy and be careful!!

The other comment about Rochester being dangerous is true, but only if you put yourself in that position. It’s a big place, and each section has it’s own distinct characteristics. The good areas far outweigh the bad, but if you don’t know the streets, it’s real easy to get lost. There are good blocks next to bad blocks, one way streets and dead ends all over the place. One wrong turn can leave you somewhere you don’t want to be, especially at night. There’s plenty of blocks that pizza places wont even deliver to. Know your surroundings and keep a friend with you, and you won’t normally have a problem. Enjoy your stay in the Flower City!

Weed is pretty cheap in Rochester, but if you want real good stuff don’t buy it in the city, you can find it there but its overpriced. Find a connection in the suburbs, you can find high quality at low prices there.

stay away from people trying to sell you there home grown weed for higher prices, I’ve never smoked good weed that was home grown I’ve even grown my-self and that shit sucked. have fun, toke up, and don’t get caught