Rochester, New Hampshire

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4


Law enforcement: When we were walking around looking we saw at least 5 cops throught a two our period. One serving a warrant or eviction notice. Just shows this neighboorhood is not safe after dark.

Where to buy marijuana: On the neighborhood streets you might meet someone that will get you a sack if there is something in it for them.

Marijuana prices: $25-$30 per 1/8th $50-$60 per 1/4 oz

Marijuana brands:

More information: We wanted weed so we drove into the ghetto looking city during the daytime. After finding a safe place to park the car we got out and walked around to interact with people. After about an hour we came across three girls and asked them if they knew were to get weed because we werent from around there. They told us to go down to Headen St, walk twoards the main road and just walk around asking people. Sure enought the first teenager we asked called someone up and said that he could get us 1/8th for $25 to $30. So we offered $50, and he said he could get a quarter for that, but he wanted a gram for himself, so we said ok. We got in the car (i would have been hesitant to do this at night) and he drove to a nearbye park. The park was in a little bit of a better neighborhood. The dealer walked up and gave us our bud and the guy his gram and drove us back to the house. It is definatley hydroponic and it put me on my ass. Though my tolerance is low because i quit smoking all day everyday cold turkey, I know good bud when I smoke it.

WARNING: This neighboor hood was very abused and overrun with shady junkies. You should stay away from here at night. Also infested with cops.