Rochester Hills, MI, Michigan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: During the last thirty years, Ann Arbor, Michigan has enacted some of the most lenient laws on marijuana possession in the country. A city ordinance has been in place since 1972, which treats marijuana possession as a traffic offense. If you’re caught with pot, (as long as you are not selling) you will receive a small fine, usually about twenty-dollars. However, if you are caught with pot on University of Michigan property… you will be subject to federal laws, because the University is a funded by the federal government, and they own the land. Therefore, it is best to stay off University property when smoking, and stay within Ann Arbor city limits.

The Courts don’t keep track of the number of offenses, they just fine everyone $25 +$25 court costs = $50. Police do not enforce federal law, only state law.

Our most recent report is: “Legislation chage now having possession of marijuana is a 93 day Misdemonor.”

Law enforcement: around here we refer to the oakland county sheriffs as the “OC” the oc are some of the most ruthless cops in the area, but it is so easy to not get caught. almost all drug possession busts made around here occur in a vehicle. be smart and responsible and dont smoke and drive and you wont ever get caught

another reporter added: “I’m not enough experienced smoker to know how the law normally enforces it but I do know a friend commented my myspace asking if I wanted to go smoke with him and the police came to my house and busted me. There were no charges since it was my first offence.”

Where to buy marijuana: rather easy to find. just make a couple friends and someone will be able to point you in the right direction

Marijuana prices: $15 for a gram of mids, $20 for a gram of chron.

Marijuana brands: i dont understand all the bull shit lingo for diff types of weed but thier is mainly 2 types chronic/hydro or regos. the only diff between the two is, regos are low quality and hydro/chronic are the same strains but grown in systems for higher potency. regos normally go for about $25 a quarter and chronic/hydro is $90/$100 a quarter

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