Riga, Latvia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: It is illegal to sell, buy, grow, possess or consume marijuana in Latvia. But in practice it is quite rare that small time consumers would be cought. Because usually the only ones that know the smell are the marijuana users themselves. I doubt, that even majority of the cops recognize it.

Law enforcement: If you get caught with amount smaller than 1 gram it’s only an administrative offence and you can get away with a fine or bribe – approximatelly 30Ls (~17$) should be enough. But on the other hand – if you are foreigners, they will probably want more – just act you don’t have any more cash and that you’re in hurry – it is very likely they will accept the the offer.

But if it’s more than 1 gram you will be considered as dealer and then you’re in trouble.

But it is extremely uncommon to get searched without a reason – so if you don’t get in any trouble and/or act VERY suspicious, you should be safe.

Where to buy marijuana: It’s best if you have a friend who has a friend, because if you buy form a unknown dealer on the street it is quite possible to get low quality weed.

You can try asking people who look like ones who should know… I highly reccomend asking punk-looking youth. They are usually very friendly and will tell you where to get it (or even sell you their own).

A place to look for dealers is Old Riga but don’t expect good quality and price.

Never ask skinheads! They will act very friendly and tell you they know a place to buy cheap and very good marijuana and ask to follow. If you do so, expect to get beaten and robbed.

Marijuana prices: Usual price is 7Ls (4$) for a gram. But it will be more in Old Riga and a bit cheaper if you’re lucky to find a good dealer.

Prices vary 6 LVL – 10 LVL ($11 – $18,5) per gram Actually “gram” is not a fixed value in Latvia, but the price is. It can happen that you buy from a gypsy dealer, you can pay 10 LVL for the thing called “gram” by that dealer, but actual ammount would be smaller.

$1 approx. = 0,54 LVL

Marijuana brands: Usually people are lucky to get any kind, but shwag. Unfortunatelly there are some times when shwag weed is the only one you can find.