Rabat, Morocco

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: anyone caught could face jail but very unlikely.

Law enforcement: 80 per cent of policemen can be bribed for relatively cheap. there are exceptions though which could result in time. probably not though.

Where to buy marijuana: Hash dealers frequent the Medina and Centre

Ville neighborhoods at night – as a tourist this is where you are most likely to end up. many taxi drivers may offer as well if you are clearly a tourist.

Marijuana prices: If you are a local or can pass yourself off as one you could get 10 g for 200 dirhams, for tourists it is around 500 dirhams for the same amount. Feel free to haggle.

Marijuana brands: In the city, you might find Golden Pollen which is the best you can get in Rabat. all very good hash though.

More information: Moroccans are natural born hustlers of tourists. although the dealers aren’t too dangerous they will definitely attempt to hustle you by either grossly overcharging or selling chocolate wrapped up is a popular one too.