Quito, Equidor

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Ecuador, and so is any related action.

Law enforcement: Marijuana is virtually illegal in ecuador. Many people foreigners and nationals have been sentenced to jail for several years for possesion. However a good bribe will rid you of any cop.

Watch out! Police is very rude and strict about weed users! Paying money to get out of trouble probably will not help you!

Where to buy marijuana: generally speaking it is not so easy to get it. Legislation is very strict and generally weed is compared to heavy drugs by most of the people.

in quito: around la mariscal zone (modern center) expecially at night. watch out for police and for fake. do not smoke in the street; also take care if you smoke in your hotel or rented rooms: close the windows and watch out..neighboors and also the owner of the hotel might call the police! I’ve been living in Ecuador for5 years: I’ve never seen a local people smoking outside! teha may mean something…

la montanita (coast) is considered a place for surfers and smokers.

In Otavalo market: not easy, try to ask some young and “goodlooking” guys selling pipes or other smokers tool (bong) and ask them if they can help you to fill….

Quito Marijuana prices: it depends since the strains vary so extremely. you would be able to find some cheap colombian weed, which can be sold for 30 $ for 20 grams. Ecuadorian dends to be a bit more expensive with 40 $ 15 grams