Queretaro, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Weed in queretaro is registrated as a soft drug and so te penaltys it will always depend on the cuantity of ganja youre cathced with. Nowadays there is a law that sayas you can carry up to five grams and no need no te be considered as a crimminal offense.

Law enforcement: if you are a tourist try to smoke in safe places like houses or even cars don’t smoke in public – the police are continously searching for weed and if you get caught you wiil have to let go some pesos to the officers.

Where to buy marijuana in Queretaro: One of the best places you can check is in an skatepark located in queretaro named “Patinerama” – it is a small skatepark located in neighborhood named ALAMOS in front of a school named HISPANO you can check with the local skaters they are always carrying weed or depending on the mood the will tell you the right direction, Other place you can check is downtown where you will notice a lot of free youth smoke community you can ask , Other place you can check is plaza “Boulevares” on fridays and saturday nights, Try to learn the word “Mota” that’s mexican for weed.

Queretaro Marijuana prices: If u can find a good dealer you will get =good weed= low prices= nice quantity.

Weed is cheap in queretaro you can get 45 grams for 100 pesos= 10 dolars You can get one kilo for 1000 pesos 100 dollars aprox.

Brands: You can get everything from serious crap to very nice quality weed:

lima-limon: is the best you can get

uva:also a very nice ganja no munchis!


and local weed: if u get of that one it is beacuse you have been ripped off

More Information: There are beatifull places to smoke in queretaro weed is everywhere and with everyone just ask!!! pleaseeee.